New Derivatives Create Single Moiety for Numerous Cancer Cells

Press Release Summary:

  • Features Include low immunogenicity, well-defined chain lengths and molecular weights
  • Offers the benefit of a targeted therapeutic strategy
  • Suitable for maintaining the stability between the antibody and the drug

Original Press Release:

Biopharma PEG Develops PEG Derivatives for ADCs Development

As the field of antibody-drug conjugation chemistry has advanced, the use of linkers to impart "drugability" has also been growing. Biopharma PEG leapts at the opportunity to develop various high purity PEG derivatives used as ADC linkers.

Antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) or immunoconjugates have shown to offer the unique benefits of a targeted therapeutic strategy combined with the best features of both therapeutic monoclonal antibodies (mAb) and potent small-molecule cytotoxic drugs through a linker that is stable within systemic circulation but cleaves within the target cells, to create a single moiety that is highly specific to numerous cancer cells.

Linkers are an important part of a successful antibody-drug conjugate (ADC). A suitable linker helps maintain the stability between the antibody and the drug and helps the antibody selectively deliver the drug to tumor cells and accurately release the drug. PEG is one of the most widely used linkers in targeted therapy.

“PEG-linkers are particularly attractive as a linker for Antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs). Water solubility, lack of toxicity; low immunogenicity and well-defined chain lengths and molecular weights are specific characteristics of PEG moieties relevant to pharmaceutical applications,” says the Marketing Chief of Biopharma PEG, “Biopharma PEG is dedicated to being your most reliable partner to provide a chemical synthesis and high-quality PEG linkers. We are committed to promoting the progress of your ADC discovery and development projects.”

The use of PEGs can play a critical role in this new ADC design space in multiple ways. For development of high DAR species; the incorporation of a PEG linker backbone can enable delivery of a significantly higher dose to the target cells resulting in better efficacy and the ability to reach a new cohort of targets. In addition, the use of PEGs can also be utilized to increase the bioavailability of any bioconjugate by modification of the solubility of the lipophilic payload. This approach can be both a rescue strategy for exiting constructs as well as a design feature for the development of new compounds. With all the advantages that monodisperse PEGs bring to the development of ADCs, PEGs as linkers look to be a critical factor in the ongoing success of this therapeutic modality.

About Biopharma PEG

Biopharma PEG, a leading customer-focused biotech company based in Watertown, Massachusetts, manufactures and supplies high quality PEG Linkers for clients worldwide. With a strong background and expertise in modern chemistry, innovative and novel PEG technology and state-of-the-art equipment, Biopharma PEG helps customers to accelerate their research through cost-effective and efficient solutions. We offer a series of PEGylated ADC linkers to our clients in ADC drug development.

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