New DE-STA-CO Accelerate Collection Lightens the Load on Stamping Robots & Personnel to Maximize Productivity

Auburn Hills, Mich. – Responding to customer needs for faster and more efficient automated pressroom stamping lines, DE-STA-CO introduces the Accelerate Collection of lightweight tooling. Accelerate is the world’s lightest standard line of end effectors.

“Our customers told us that they need to increase their production speeds in order to stay competitive,” explains Rob Pitera, DE-STA-CO global product director for end effectors. “But you can’t just speed up a line that is equipped with traditional components, because the tools will bounce and put undue stress on the automation, leading to greater wear and tear and machine downtime. To meet our customers’ productivity needs, we designed an all-new line of end effectors that are up to 50 percent lighter than their predecessors. The components’ lighter weight translates into production line speed gains of 25 to 30 percent.”

Since workers manually change tooling on many automated lines, Accelerate end effectors’ lighter weight also improves ergonomics, resulting in higher worker safety ratings.

DE-STA-CO drew on its nearly 100 years of manufacturing experience to develop the Accelerate Collection. Product designers started with high-strength aircraft-grade aluminum in order to reduce clamping wall thickness and overall weight, without sacrificing strength. This approach also eliminated the need to use more expensive, longer-lead-time materials like carbon fiber, for a more cost-effective solution.

Accelerate components also have trimmer, more elegant shapes than their predecessors. Greater flexibility provided by CNC machines, tooling and fixtures let DE-STA-CO contour the components to eliminate unnecessary bulkiness and weight. Further weight savings come from specifying thin-wall extruded tube for Accelerate end effector frames instead of heavier solid bars or thicker wall tubing.

The Accelerate Collection is modular and completely customizable. Although its components are lighter than others, they are sized to global standards, making them compatible with existing equipment, regardless of brand.

“Manufacturers want standardized components that can be specified globally with fast delivery, regardless of location,” Pitera says. “The DE-STA-CO global network offers local stocking and support throughout North America, South America, Europe and Asia. No matter where you’re located, we can help Accelerate your business with the Accelerate Collection.” 

To learn more about the Accelerate Collection of lightweight tooling, go online to or call (888) DESTACO (888-337-8226). DE-STA-CO is also active on Facebook, and Twitter, @destacochat.


DE-STA-CO is a global automation and workholding company that has provided productivity solutions to the manufacturing industry since 1915. Quality, innovation and service have made DE-STA-CO a leader in the design and manufacture of cost-reducing, flexible automation solutions for industrial customers around the world. The company is committed to the Team DE-STA-CO philosophy, a progressive approach to doing business that focuses on providing consistent, standard-setting service and products to every customer, regardless of geographic location.

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