New DC Brushless Control Receives Design Award

DESIGN NEWS has awarded the Dart BLM700 with a BEST NEW PRODUCT- FINALIST for 2010 in the Motion Control / Automation category. DN's Golden Mousetrap Awards highlight "the best and brightest engineering innovations of the past year, as well as creativity in product design". This is the second consecutive year a Dart product has been selected a New Product Finalist (in 2009 the MD PLUS Series was named).

The BLM700 is a multipurpose closed loop brushless DC motor control designed for OEM and MRO applications where energy efficiency, space, installation cost and tight motor speed regulation are a must. Typical applications include commercial cooking and industrial process conveyor ovens; material handling systems; printing and labeling equipment; chemical metering pumps; batching and blending applications. The BLM700 is brushless motor control, digital closed loop, ratio control, process alarm and programmable rate meter all in one integrated package. See more information at

The BLM700 utilizes concepts from the field tested Dart Micro-Drive Series, with the added benefit of energy efficiency. Brushless DC motor drive technology is the most efficient drive technology. The BLM700 overcomes the typical higher initial investment hurdle found with other brushless solutions by incorporating many other typical motor loop functions into one package. By eliminating these other components (tachometer feedback, alarm relays, ratio control and tachometer) AND the installation cost associated with them, the BLM700 actually SAVES money over traditional solutions

Dart Controls, Inc. ( is a ISO9001:2008 registered designer, manufacturer, and marketer of analog, and digital electronic variable speed drives, controls, and accessories for AC, DC, and DC brushless motor applications.

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