New Data Logger Integrates into Single and Multi-circuit Temperature Control Systems

Press Release Summary:

  • D-System is designed for water temperatures of up to 85°C and operating pressure of up to 10 bar
  • Provides measurement data required to evaluate the energy flows of the water circuits in the mold
  • Ideal for in-situ recording of fluid-technical processes in temperature control circuits

Original Press Release:

Mobile Analysis for Tool Making and Production

New data logger from hotset records energy balance of temperature control circuits

Under the name D-System the thermodynamics specialist hotset presents its new data logger for in-situ recording of fluid-technical processes in temperature control circuits for the first time at this year's K Show in Düsseldorf. The handy measuring instrument enables toolmakers and injection molders to check the water-hydraulic processes in the mold quickly and easily. The D-System can be used for the quality control of heating and cooling circuits of new and existing molds, for process monitoring in the injection molding machine or as a mobile service tool.

A decisive factor for the quality of the temperature control system of an injection mold is the energy balance of its water circuits. The better the toolmaker knows about this, the more accurately he can optimize the heating and cooling processes - during the manufacture of the tool, during its application in injection molding production or during its subsequent repair or modification. Perfectly adapted to this task is the functional scope of the new process data logger from hotset, which the thermodynamics specialist will present for the first time at this year's K Show (Hall 1, Stand A20). It is called the D-System and provides all the essential measurement data required to evaluate the energy flows of the water circuits in the mold. René Schlöter, project manager at hotset, explains: "Using various sensors, our D-System measures in the mold temperature control the amount of water, its flow and return temperatures as well as the applied and remaining water pressure. It then calculates all performance parameters relevant for decision-making, such as the Delta T - in other words, a value for the energy that the mold withdraws from the water circuit or releases to it." On the basis of the measurement and calculation results of the hotset D-System, toolmakers, designers, injection molders and quality assurance specialists can reliably evaluate the energy processes of the water circuits and check, design and adjust the temperature control accordingly.

Flexible use

Since hotset has designed its new D-System as a handy measuring device with an external control panel, it can be used flexibly and decentralized. In concrete terms, this means that it can be used to check both new and repaired temperature control systems and their tubing, for process control during the commissioning of a mold (hydraulic balancing process) in the injection molding machine or as a test device for mobile service teams. In all these cases, the D-System enables fast on-site reaction and makes an immediate and effective contribution to reducing operating and maintenance costs. Another positive aspect is that injection molders who use the D-System can dispense with permanently installed, machine-integrated inspection systems when making future investments in new production facilities. And hotset project manager René Schlöter adds: "The user can apply our new process data logger at any time as required and save, document and adjust the measured values. It also provides an overview of creeping changes in the process, such as those caused by wear on the connected pumps or contamination and leaks in the tool." 

Beyond plastics technology

With its new D-System hotset enriches the selection of its system solutions with further innovation with enormous application potential. While dynamic mold temperature control with the Z-System and homogeneous film surface heating with the P-System are at home in injection molding technology and thermoforming, the company is exceeding the limits of plastics processing with its new D-System. Project manager René Schlöter says: "Our new process data logger is basically interesting for all applications in mechanical engineering, plant construction and apparatus engineering in which water is used as a functional medium and it is important to map its energetic effect transparently with the aid of a mobile measuring device".

As will be seen at hotset's K booth this year, the new D-System can be easily integrated into both single-circuit and multi-circuit temperature control systems. It is designed for water temperatures of up to 85 °C and an operating pressure of up to 10 bar. Depending on the type of tubing, the installation can be carried out via various quick or fixed connections. The standard equipment includes a 230V/24V power supply unit and a three meter long connecting cable. The control panel (two-line display, four-part keypad) has a magnetic base.

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