New D24 Interface for P10-54 Linear Motors

LinMot now offers a new interface for the linear motors type P10-54. In addition to the PTC sensors, the product family is now also equipped with temperature sensors with PT1000 characteristics, thus enabling a further group of users to use their own drives.

On the outside, the motors remain the same as their predecessors, but are identified by the LinMot type code with the suffix «D24». As with the D25 interface, temperature feedback is available both on the signal and on the power connector. The new PT1000 sensor technology ensures even more precise temperature control, with which the outgoing signals are easily interpreted by external drives. In terms of position control, there is also maximum compatibility with drives from other manufacturers, as standard encoders are deliberately used here. The position signals are output by a digital A/B incremental encoder. LinMot offers a position resolution of the encoder signal with 1 µm (D24 interface) or 5 µm (D24S interface). Optimum integration into existing control concepts is thus always guaranteed.

In terms of performance, the P10-54 linear motors typically operate using 3 x 400VAC technology, although they can also be easily operated on inverters with 1 x 230 VAC mains supply. Available in 4 sizes, they cover a force range of 335 to 870 N. The comprehensive slider range results in a stroke spectrum with a maximum stroke of up to 1720 mm. With accelerations of up to 400 m/s2 and a maximum speed of over 7 m/s, the motor specs leave nothing to be desired in terms of dynamics.

The rotatable TWIN connector with push-pull connections for power and encoder cables provides the greatest possible flexibility in cable outlet and guarantees reliable, time-saving cabling in the system.


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