New Cyl-Tec 240-HP Cryogenic Cylinder


Aurora, IL - Cyl-Tec Inc.'s new portable cryogenic cylinder Model 240-HP features integral swivel casters or available cart mounted for easier mobility.

As with all of the cryogenic cylinders that Cyl-Tec offers, Model 240-HP meets the highest performance specifications in the industry for gas and liquid withdrawal. "We understand the needs of today's compressed gas industry," said Jim Bennett, President
of Cyl-Tec, Inc. "This new cryogenic cylinder combines high performance, versatility and durability with a caster design that offers even greater ease of use for various applications.

Our full line-up of cryogenic cylinders allows our customers 'one-stop' shopping for new cylinders, as well as cylinder repair services-a combination that is not easily found in our industry."

Cyl-Tec, Inc. is a registered U.S. DOT hydrostatic and ultrasonic test station and provides U.S. DOT-approved cryogenic cylinder repair.

Cyl-Tec hydrostatically and ultrasonically tests and maintains all types of high-pressure cylinders, as well as requalifies acetylene cylinders. Cyl-Tec's cryogenic repair services include a two-year warranty on vacuum. Since 1991, Cyl-Tec, Inc. has been an industry source for high-quality cylinder maintenance. Cyl-Tec, a member of the International Oxygen Manufacturers Association, now offers a wide range of products to complement its respected cylinder testing and maintenance services, including steel and aluminum high-pressure cylinders, acetylene cylinders, portable
cryogenic cylinders, ACRYLEX fast-dry water-based paints, cylinder valves and caps, and other related items.

For more information, contact: Cyl-Tec, Inc., 950 West Industrial Drive, Aurora, IL 60506; Phone: 888-429-5832 or 630-844-8800; Fax: 630-844-5100; e-mail:; or visit

For more information, contact:
Jim Bennett: 630-844-8800
Ray Sidzik: 847-358-4848

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