New Custom NGS Adapters Provide Easy and Flexible Customized Adapter Solution to Scientists

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  • Enables researchers to effortlessly select exactly right components for their experiments
  • Individually synthesized using stringent, proprietary methods
  • Configurations available includes TruSeq™-Compatible Full-length Adapters, TruSeq™-Compatible Stubby Adapter as well as Indexing Primers and Nextera™-Compatible Indexing Primers

Original Press Release:

IDT Brings Unmatched Customization to NGS

Launch of Custom NGS Adapters and portfolio expansion delivers unprecedented flexibility and ease-of-use

Coralville, IA (May 9, 2019) – Demonstrating its advocacy for genomics research, Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT) announces a significant expansion to its NGS portfolio. The company is excited to launch a unique Custom NGS Adapters offering, becoming the only genomics provider to provide an easy and flexible customized adapter solution directly to scientists. The cornerstone of this new offering is a truly innovative web-based configurator tool – the Custom Adapter Configurator – enabling researchers to effortlessly select exactly the right components for their experiments and immediately order them, thanks to a clever, built-in ecommerce function. Completing the lineup is the new Lotus DNA Library Prep Kit, providing a simple, robust, and flexible library preparation to suit every need.

IDT is widely recognized as the leader and a pioneer in custom oligo manufacturing, with more than 30 years’ experience and expertise. NGS adapters are a specific type of custom oligo, and consequently, IDT has unrivalled manufacturing expertise in this area. Unlike other array and chip-based manufacturers, IDT adapters and other products are individually synthesized using stringent, proprietary methods that deliver the highest-quality in every single batch – critical for NGS applications. As demonstration of IDT’s proficiency, in 2017 the company announced a partnership with Illumina to develop and manufacture a portfolio of indexed NGS adapters for use on Illumina instruments. In order to lower barriers to NGS and provide unmatched flexibility, IDT has now made these adapters easily accessible to users of all levels, enabling researchers to better tailor library preparation to their specific applications. There are three, high-quality configurations available – TruSeq™-Compatible Full-length Adapters, TruSeq™-Compatible Stubby Adapter and Indexing Primers, and Nextera™-Compatible Indexing Primers.

Accompanying the adapter selection and key to accessing its unprecedented usability, is the guided Custom Adapter Configurator tool. IDT is well known for its wide range of online tools, helping scientists to reliably design and plan experiments that employ oligos, NGS, CRISPR, genotyping, qPCR, and gene fragments. Once again, IDT has catered for the needs of the researcher by creating this online tool, taking the difficulty and complexity out of adapter selection and making it easy for researchers to identify and purchase exactly what they need in a matter of minutes. The tool is the only ecommerce solution available that provides expert guidance, effortlessly walking the user through otherwise complex adapter design and formatting options.

Trey Martin, President of IDT commented, “We are very excited about this NGS portfolio expansion. At IDT, we understand that the needs of genomics researchers are not only complex but evolving and unique to the work of the researcher. For NGS customization options to be seamless, they also need to be simple and time-effective. Understanding these challenges, we wanted to help by providing high-quality custom NGS adapters and our expert guidance. With this, scientists can easily order the best adapter configurations, features, and formats for every project.”

Completing the portfolio expansion is the new Lotus DNA Library Prep Kit – a rapid, easy, and flexible enzymatic library preparation solution for a multitude of whole genome sequencing (WGS) and hybridization capture applications. With just a 2-hour workflow, the kit – optimized for use with IDT’s custom adapters and xGen™ capture products – delivers superior coverage and uniformity for sequencing on Illumina platforms. IDT has once again designed the kit with flexibility in mind, enabling it to be compatible with TA-ligation adapters and tailored to almost any application when combined with the new adapter options.

“IDT is dedicated to supporting genomics researchers,” Martin added, “and we will continue to innovate for them in NGS and across the genomics space. Our goal is to help them get the best data faster and easier with truly useful differentiated solutions, our expertise, and awarding-winning customer experience.”

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