New CureView Gradient Oven Comes with Spectral IR Halogen Heaters

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CureView Gradient Oven is used for heating test panels on glass beds to temperatures ranging from 41°F - 662°F. Unit is equipped with CurveX oven logger system that helps in importing data and simulates production process on laboratory scale. Unit comes with buzzer acoustic feedback, emergency stop and gradient oven control software. The halogen heaters can be controlled individually to form setting of temperature gradient varying from a parabolic shaped gradient and an ascending or descending slope.

Original Press Release:

Introducing the New CureView Gradient Oven

For Performing Thermal Tests and Simulations

For performing thermal tests and simulations on samples for the evaluation of among other things, thermal stability, flow behavior, chemical resistance and sample preparation for further testing.

The CureView Gradient Oven is a flexible oven that allows the user to heat up test panels on a glass bed to a variety of temperature profiles, varying from ambient 41°F - 662°F (+5°C to 350°C). Elevated temperatures are instantly generated by 32 spectral filtered IR halogen heaters, which can be controlled individually and allow the setting of any form of temperature gradient, varying from a parabolic shaped gradient, an ascending or descending slope or a number of temperature blocks.

The CureView Gradient Oven allows importing of gradient profiles, measured by the CurveX oven logger system in order to simulate the production process on laboratory scale.


  • Easy-to-use Start/Stop operation
  • Buzzer acoustic feedback
  • Emergency stop
  • Gradient Oven Control software setup
  • Automated test panel transport
  • Pre and post cooling
  • 32 channel gradient heating and sampling
  • Ideal Finish Analysis of data
  • CurveX oven logger data import
  • Easy test panel spot analysis
  • Panel visible during test


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