New Control Center and IP Matrix Solutions at IFSEC 2007

Taipei Taiwan May. 11, 2007 - GeoVision will introduce a new generation of GV-Control Center at the IFSEC 2007, Europe's leading annual security event. The GV-Control Center V2 contains an IP Matrix Controller to strengthen TV wall functions and will be debuted at IFSEC this May 21-24, 2007 at the Birmingham NEC, UK.

The GV-Control Center V2 will support 36 Matrix View displays on 36 TV screens with each separately displaying up to 64 camera feeds. The IP Matrix function in the GV-Control Center V2 makes it possible to view nearly 3,000 cameras in a huge IP Matrix screen.

"The point of developing IP Matrix in the GV-Control Center V2 is to extend our DVR products into security service and systems integration, George Tai, CEO of GeoVision says, "By adding the new function of IP Matrix, we will strengthen the TV wall function and develop a higher level of control center surveillance."

At the coming IFSEC, GeoVision will introduce security solutions that extend from surveillance systems to integrated security solutions. IP-networked surveillance products will be added to the current DVR product lines as well.

GV-AS200 with access control server integration. The GeoVision access control solution includes the access control device, GV-AS200, the GV-Reader, and the GV-ASServer, a single interface combining video monitoring and access control functions with alarm manageability. On top of the server, a web-based database can be added to provide a quick overview of the intrusion events and access entries.

GV-ANPR solution with ANPR Center, a convenient application managing up to 255 GV-ANPR clients with a web-based center database. The GV-ANPR Center has the capabilities to remotely control access and prevent intrusion. All of the recognized images and results from ANPR clients will be sent to the center and stored. The complete GV-ANPR solution includes PC-based ANPR system, DSP embedded ANPR system, and ANPR illuminator camera.

GV-ANPR Embedded System is a DSP-type standalone system that provides license plate recognition with video monitoring and recording functions. The GV-ANPR Embedded System supports single-lane recognition. Videos can be displayed at de-interlaced 30 frames per second at full D1 resolution. The embedded GV-ANPR can export the captured images and the recognition results to the GV-ANPR Center, a web-based database to manage video, number plate data, alarm events, and even stolen car data.

GV-Control Center V2. With the new version, GV-Control Center V2 is adding an IP-based Matrix Controller that supports video outputs to TV wall in a control room.

GV-NVR solution. GeoVision Network Video Recorder (GV-NVR system) will provide feature-rich surveillance functions and a Sub System for storage. In the coming software version 8.2, the system will support VGA mode and mega pixel IP camera.

GV-Hybrid surveillance solution. GeoVision hybrid system is combining analog and digital signals into the same interface, and it provides users with the hybrid advantages of DVR with IP-based NVR.

Linux standalone DVR. To cover a wider customer base, GeoVision expands the product lines from PC-based to standalone DVR. We will introduce standalone DVR and a compact-type standalone mobile DVR.

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