New Compact Raman Spectroscopy System is Ideal for Researchers and Scientists

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  • Features comprehensive measurement range of 100 - 3600 cm-1 and focal length options range from sub mm. to 50 mm.
  • User-replaceable barrel design offers multiple probe tip options with with user-configurable sampling optics and raman libraries
  • Designed to reduce the footprint while allowing flexibility in probe or sampling optics

Original Press Release:

Wasatch Photonics Introduces Compact Raman Spectroscopy System with User-Configurable Sampling Optics & Raman Libraries

MORRISVILLE, N.C. – June 2, 2020 Wasatch Photonics, Inc. – ( introduces a robust, affordable and flexible Raman spectroscopy system comprised of three new components. The innovative WP-785-ER-L combines a high throughput, high-resolution, f/1.3 Raman spectrometer with an onboard excitation laser in a single, compact instrument, forming the basis of this semi-integrated Raman system. The high-efficiency spectrometer features a comprehensive measurement range of 100 - 3600 cm-1. The WP-785-ER-L is specially designed to reduce the footprint and lower the cost of modular Raman spectroscopy while allowing flexibility in the probe or sampling optics used, making it ideal for researchers and scientists.

The onboard laser controls are provided through the spectrometer, making it easy-to-use for remote and automated operation, while simplifying power management. Wasatch Photonics’ proprietary high-sensitivity f/1.3 design offers comparable results to a larger, benchtop system for many applications.

The WP-785-ER-L can be coupled with the new WP-785-RP modular Raman probes that are compatible with the f/1.3 spectrometer. The advanced, user-replaceable barrel design offers multiple probe tip options, with configurable working distances. The user is able to perfectly match the probe to the application, from the standard probe tip, to an industrial-grade ball probe for process, to adaptors with SM05 threads for 0.5” lenses, or for connection to a microscope or other optical setup. Focal length options range from sub-mm to 50 mm. The modular features enable researchers to investigate Raman samples with greater flexibility, without compromising performance.

To enhance the new Raman spectroscopy system, Wasatch Photonics’ ENLIGHTEN™ software now provides direct access to Wiley’s KnowItAll spectral identification engine. This integration allows researchers to seamlessly compare their spectrum to over 25,000 spectra in the KnowItAll Raman Spectral Library—the world’s largest collection, including organics, inorganics, with specialty libraries covering drugs, fragrances, polymers, nutraceuticals, and more. Users can also create and use their own libraries for Raman spectra material identification. Wasatch is bundling a one-year subscription to the KnowItAll Raman Spectral Library and Software ( with all Raman instrument purchases.

Wasatch Photonics CEO, David Creasey, notes, “Our new technology makes it easier to produce high-quality Raman spectra and will help boost the growing adaptation of Raman spectroscopy in laboratory and industrial research applications. As the demand rises and Raman spectroscopy is adopted by more scientists to solve increasingly diverse and challenging real-world problems, our team will continue to develop robust, flexible, and cost-efficient solutions that support high-sensitivity and powerful spectroscopic performance.”

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