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New ColorTech Pavers Exhibit Light-Reflective Property

Press Release Summary:

ColorTech™ Pavers create protective coating resistant to staining, acid rain and UV rays. The colorTech’s proprietary sealing process fills microscopic surface fluctuations that allows light to reflect differently compared to standards pavers.

Original Press Release:

Introducing ColorTech™: EP Henry’s Newest Pavers are in-line with the Times


Throughout masonry history, manufacturers have experimented with different compounds to improve concrete’s strength and flexibility, while artisans used pigments and molds to change its color and shape for decorative purposes.

Along with the new paver technology came chemical sealers, which gave pavers a protective coating for easier stain resistance. In some cases, they also imparted a richer hue as an aesthetic benefit. The sealing process involves coating the top layer of the pavers after installation. Sealing and resealing properly can be challenging, as polymeric sand residue and an uneven application can interfere with satisfactory results. Most topical sealers require re-application every 3-5 years to maintain their properties.

ColorTech™ by EP Henry is the newest advancement in paver technology and is an integral part of the manufacturing process. The in-line process treatment delivers an added layer of protective coating during production while still maintaining the surface texture of the stone, making it in many cases more indistinguishable from natural stone than pavers without ColorTech.

The process acts to fill in microscopic surface fluctuations so that light is reflected differently than with standard pavers. This light-reflective property gives pavers with ColorTech™ an enriched depth of color without compromising safety and slip resistance standards. ColorTech™ also protects the pavers by resisting stains, acid rain and UV rays.

Additional benefits include time savings since the pavers are delivered treated from the factory. There are no extra steps required after installation or waiting on proper weather conditions. And ColorTech maintains its benefits for many years longer than topical sealers.

About EPHenry® 
EP Henry®, the oldest American family-owned and operated manufacturer of unit concrete products in North America, provides the highest quality and broadest product offerings in Hardscaping(™). Based in Woodbury, New Jersey, EP Henry manufactures a wide range of paving stone and retaining wall products, including permeable pavers which are a best management practice (BMP) for stormwater management. EP Henry also offers beautiful patio pavers, outdoor kitchen kits, garden wall solutions and more. For more information on EP Henry Hardscaping products, visit or call 800-44-HENRY (800-444-3679).

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