New CM/CR-6228 COTS System from OnTime Networks Fit for Military Uses

Press Release Summary:

The new CM/CR-6228 COTS system by OnTime Networks offers multiple functions in one including as a GB/10Gb ethernet switch with up to 28 ports, an NIAP certified ethernet router, a GPS time server, and a rugged computer. Recently selected for an international aircraft program, the system is modular, compact, scalable, and future proof.

Original Press Release:

IP68 Fully Rugged Military Multi-Function system: Gb/10Gb Ethernet Switch, Router, Time Server and Computer

OnTime Networks’ new fully rugged military grade CM/CR-6228 Multi-Function COTS all-in-one system combines the capabilities of a 28 Port Gb/10Gb Ethernet Switch, NIAP Certified Router, GPS Time Server and Computer in one compact design. The unit not only features the latest hardware and software in a SWaP optimized packaging, but also unheard of modularity (mix and match functionality), which is highly attractive to address Department of Defense (DoD) program needs.
The CM/CR-6228 Series has been recently selected for an international multi-engine mission aircraft program. The selection of the CM/CR-6228 was influenced by its high performance modular, scalable and future-proof architecture, as well as its advanced features and compact size.

The new CM/CR-6228 Series provides four (4) different capabilities in one SWaP-optimized Multi-Function COTS all-in-one platform:

Fully Rugged Military: -40°C to +71°C Operating Range, MIL-STD 810G, 461F, 704 and 1275D/E, Altitude 85,000 ft, up to 100ms Holdup, 28VDC with dual power input

Network Ethernet switch: Layer 2/3 switch with up to 28 ports, including up to 4x 10GbE copper or fiber portsNetwork Ethernet Router: Layer 3 router option 
•  OnTime VyOS router package
•  Cisco 5921 Embedded Services Router (ESR) with 
   Advanced Enterprise protocols
•  Architecture Technology Corp. (ATC) Routing and 
   Encryption Suite (ARES) with NIAP, CSfC, and Common Criteria (CC) certification

GPS Time Server Capability: (IEEE 1588 PTP, NTP, IRIG-B, PPS and 10MHz)Rugged Computer: Single Board Computer (SBC) with intel Atom E3845 or E3900 series via a Meritec Shell Size 13 connector with:
•  One (1) DisplayPort out 
•  Up to 32GB DDR3
•  Two (2) USB 2.0 ports
•  Specialized or custom solutions firmware
•  One (1) serial port with RS-232

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