New Clear Nanobubble Generator Designed to Improve Pond and Lake Water Quality

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  • Converts air into trillions of nanobubbles, ~100nm in size, dissolving oxygen with more than 90% efficiency
  • Neutrally buoyant nanobubbles deliver oxygen to entire body of water, irrespective of depth and penetrate muck layer
  • Sustaining DO levels throughout water column helps mitigate algae growth by reducing nutrient recycling rate from sediment

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Moleaer Launches The Clear™ Nanobubble Generator for Algae Control

SOLitude Lake Management deploys Moleaer nanobubble technology at Florida pond

Los Angeles, April 24, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Moleaer Inc, the leading manufacturer of industrial-scale nanobubble generators, expands its product line with the new Clear nanobubble generator. The Clear, an alternative to chemistry and traditional aeration to improve water quality, is the most effective technology to control algae.

The Clear nanobubble generator is a gas-injection system that converts air into trillions of nanobubbles, ~100nm in size, dissolving oxygen with greater than 90% efficiency. Negatively charged, neutrally buoyant nanobubbles deliver oxygen to the entire body of water, irrespective of depth, and penetrate the muck layer. Sustaining DO levels throughout the water column helps mitigate algae growth by reducing the nutrient recycling rate from the sediment.

SOLitude Lake Management, Moleaer's launch customer for the Clear, deployed the nanobubble generator at a Florida-pond plagued with blue-green and filamentous algae. "Florida's warm climate makes treatment of harmful algae blooms challenging," said Bo Burns, Market Development Manager, for SOLitude Lake Management. "We had tried several other solutions with ineffective results before turning to nanobubbles. After three weeks, Moleaer's nanobubble generator increased the DO to over 7 ppm at all depths and points across the pond. We observed a reduction of the muck layer and exposed a sand bottom along the edge of the pond, effectively treating the algal biomass, and eliminating the presence of algae."

"We are excited to announce the Clear nanobubble generator," said Nicholas Dyner, CEO of Moleaer. "The Clear is designed to improve pond and lake water quality. Nanobubbles provide a level of treatment that other aeration technologies cannot achieve without the addition of chemicals. With Moleaer's nanobubble generators, aquatic management companies can offer their customers a superior alternative treatment method to control algae blooms."

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Moleaer develops industrial scale nanobubble generators to enhance a wide range of processes, enabling a radical change in the economics of indoor farming, separation, water treatment and oil recovery. The Company's nanobubble technology enables customers to increase productivity more responsibly by fundamentally changing how gases are utilized to enhance industrial systems, eliminate chemicals, and treat water. Moleaer's plug-and-play nanobubble generator has proven to help farms grow more crops, oil companies recover more valuable resources, and industries efficiently treat water. Moleaer is headquartered in Torrance, California (USA). For more information, visit 

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