New Cetova Enhancement Offers Speedy Access to Archived JD Edwards Data

JERSEY CITY, N.J., -- Cetova (, a provider of corporate performance management solutions, today announced an optional enhancement that quickly enables JD Edwards users to simultaneously access both archived and production data. Cetova's archiving solution is immediately available to current customers as well as any organization using the JD Edwards ERP platform. Benefits of simultaneous access to both current and historical data include simpler extraction of data and faster reporting results.

"The need to access historical financial data -- quickly and cost-effectively -- is well established, and until now there was no uncomplicated way to do it," said Craig Foote, Cetova's VP of Operations. "Because of its flexible architecture, Cetova is uniquely capable of being seamlessly configured to handle archived data, consolidations, and reporting from any relational database. Our latest offering is yet another enhancement to an overall corporate performance management and business intelligence software suite that features a competitive TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) and gives end-users control over their reporting environment."

Cetova's archiving offering is pre-integrated with JD Edwards. Configured in just two-three days for current customers with no additional software required, Cetova automatically maps to both production and historical data. The reporting process for end-users with a need to access both current and archived data is completely transparent and seamless, requiring no additional training.

"We are really pleased with Cetova's archiving enhancement -- it is working great," said Bob Adamski, Sr. Systems Analyst at Willbros Utility T&D, a provider of engineering and construction services to the utilities industry. "Our end-users have access to all the information they need -- archived and production -- without major investment or lengthy delays. It was an easy transition that resulted in some surprise savings."

Adamski said that after Willbros Utility T&D decided to archive its historical data because large accumulations caused system slowdowns, a problem surfaced: Users were restricted to production data, when management often needed access to archived data as well. Adamski said his choices were either to have reports rewritten or bring archived data back into production, which would again slow system performance. A third choice was to use an enhanced version of Cetova; after a two day installation, which was transparent to end-users, the archiving feature proved a quick and easy solution.

Cetova, although pre-integrated with JD Edwards, both World and EnterpriseOne, also can be configured for other ERPs and third-party databases. Because end-users can utilize Cetova with little training, costly IT resources are freed up to focus on other mission-critical projects. Its Excel-like interface is familiar to those responsible for financial reporting and it can generate reports instantly via the Web, Excel, and PDF.

The application is available immediately and will be discussed in detail at Quest's COLLABORATE11, the annual Technology and Application Forum for the Oracle Community. Cetova will be located at booth #201, and if you would like to learn more about how Cetova can help your company better access archived information, please contact Bill Glasofer at 201-938-0200, extension 117.

About Cetova

Cetova Corp. ( develops, markets, implements, and supports a suite of Corporate Performance Management Tools that are pre-integrated with JD Edwards and Lawson. Cetova products uniquely combine ease-of-use, flexible publishing, speed, rapid & secure deployment, and low cost to deliver unparalleled client value. Cetova Corp. is a subsidiary of GL Associates, which has successfully served the Fortune 500 since 1980 in ERP consulting, chart of accounts design, and project management.

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Willbros Utility T&D is part of Willbros Group, Inc., an independent contractor serving the oil, gas, power, refining and petrochemical industries, providing engineering, construction, turnaround, maintenance, life cycle extension services and facilities development and operations services to industry and government entities worldwide.

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