New Centricut Brand Consumables Deliver Improved Performance to Komatsu Rasor Plasma Systems

HANOVER, NH - Hypertherm's Centricut brand today announced the release of new nozzles for Komatsu Rasor plasma systems that eliminate the problem of leaking coolant. There are eight Centricut brand CoolFlow(TM) nozzles in all, designed for use with Rasor 40 and Rasor 90/120 torches.

"An inefficient metal-to-metal seal on current Komatsu torch nozzles causes a lot of coolant to leak from the torch," explains Martin Geheran, product marketing manager for Hypertherm's Centricut brand. "As you might imagine, customers aren't real happy about that because a coolant leak causes catastrophic failure of the cutting consumables and can cause a torch failure as well."

Hypertherm engineers were able to improve the seal on the nozzles through the addition of an o-ring seal not found on Komatsu branded nozzles. This o-ring forms a tight seal that keeps the coolant in the torch where it belongs so it can effectively cool the nozzle and other consumables.

In addition to these new CoolFlow nozzles, Hypertherm also offers Centricut brand SilverLine electrodes for Komatsu systems. These electrodes are proven to last twice as long as conventional electrodes enabling Komatsu owners to make a significant reduction in their operating costs.

"In addition to lower operating costs, Komatsu owners who use Centricut brand products can expect to achieve equal or better cut quality over the full life of their consumables without sacrificing productivity." Geheran continues.

Centricut brand consumables, like all Hypertherm consumables, are designed with critical-to-function tolerances to deliver the best quality product every time. Businesses interested in a free trial of any Centricut brand product can contact Hypertherm at 800-753-7623 or their authorized Hypertherm distributor.

Hypertherm's Centricut brand engineers and manufactures advanced plasma and laser cutting consumables. Its product line includes consumables that deliver increased value to people who own most any non-Hypertherm cutting system including systems by ESAB, Kjellberg, and Trumpf. All Centricut brand products are engineered and manufactured to exacting standards and incorporate the latest technological advances that help to reduce operating costs, while delivering increased cut speed and quality. Centricut products include free technical support and come with same-day shipping.

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