New Casters Reduce Resistance and Require Less Push Force

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  • Features shock absorption, crack prevention, maneuvering heavy loads and enhanced durability
  • Designed to protect boat molds and decks from cracking
  • Suitable for marine applications

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Caster Concepts’ Marine Manufacturing Products and Engineering Expertise Navigate Industry Production Challenges to Deliver Results

Albion, MI ­– When it comes to whatever floats your boat or ship, it all starts on land.

Caster Concepts Inc. (CCI), a leading maker of industrial, heavy-duty wheels and casters, unveils its casters, wheels and accessories designed for marine manufacturers. The products protect boat molds and decks from cracking, make moving and maneuvering heavy loads easier and safer; they also minimize factors that limit product durability and increase replacement costs.

“Our marine products are designed to address specific marine manufacturing conditions,” said Caster Concepts President Bill Dobbins. “We looked at materials commonly used, load capacities and environmental challenges, and designed solutions that best meet the industry’s needs.”

While using the right products guarantees a favorable outcome, it’s the addition of engineering expertise that ensures true success, Dobbins added.

Caster Concepts partners with customers to design solutions that deliver results. Sometimes that means finding the right way to use a product, such as moving fragile items, so they don’t break, installing a motor to ensure workers’ safety or tweaking the design of a caster to address specific environmental challenges.

“A successful project necessitates great communication and understanding among the customer, the sales team and the engineering staff,” Dobbins said.

Marine Product Overview

Shock Absorption, Crack Prevention

In marine applications, where material such as hulls can be fragile and susceptible to vibration and cracking, Caster Concepts’ products prevent damage. In fact, our casters, such as pneumatic wheels, minimize, and even eliminate, the effects of uneven surfaces and debris-filled floors.

Maneuvering Heavy Loads With Ease

As a leader in the development of ergonomic solutions, Caster Concepts’ products reduce resistance, requiring less “push force.” Casters like TWERGO® are engineered to maneuver heavy loads easily and safely while maintaining the same level of capacity. The addition of motorized solutions allows for moving boats and heavy materials effortlessly, reducing the risk of workplace injuries.

Enhanced Durability

Marine manufacturing products, such as chopped fiberglass, can wreak havoc on industrial manufacturing products, accelerating wear and tear and increasing replacement costs. Caster Concepts’ polyurethane formulations prolong the life of marine-manufacturing casters. Hercules Casters and track wipers are popular solutions that work well together.

Manufacturing challenges vary broadly. Caster Concepts’ engineering team works with customers to develop solutions for each case. Take a look at how we handled specific marine manufacturing situations:

Engineering the Ideal Marine Manufacturing Solution

About Caster Concepts

Caster Concepts designs and builds industrial heavy-duty casters and wheels for virtually any application. Companies rely on Caster Concepts to help them increase productivity and reduce the risk of worker injury in heavy-duty applications. Our high-capacity casters feature load ratings that range from 300 pounds to over 100,000 pounds. At Caster Concepts, we also manufacture wheels to withstand impact, corrosion, temperature extremes and chemicals found in harsh industrial environments. Caster Concepts is ISO 9001-2015 certified and offers one of the industry’s shortest lead times, making it the premier choice for many industries. The company was awarded the 2022 Corporate Impact Award by the state of Michigan. Visit

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