New Carts Help Eliminate Safety Concerns


New, easy to transport carts using unique Creform 42mm pipe and joints replace heavy welded  steel structures that required fork lifts or pallet jacks.

An electronic wiring connector manufacturer, predominantly serving automotive suppliers, was using heavy, welded steel structures for storing its reels of wire pins and sockets.  These single level structures required personnel to constantly bend to load and retrieve reels creating ergonomic issues.  Moving the heavy racks required forklift trucks or pallet jacks.  In addition, the spools and reels were hung by their center holes making loading and unloading difficult. 

The manufacturer asked Creform Corporation, Greer, SC, to solve these in process material handling issues.  In response, Creform engineered and built a new cart system that offers enhanced ergonomics, good mobility, light weight and flexibility.  The new carts store the reels on two levels, resting on cradles formed by two Creform 42mm pipes that support the rims. This eliminates the need to thread and hang the reels by center holes, making loading and unloading simple and fast without having to move other reels out of the way.  Reel dividers or spacers are formed in the cradles using Creform 28mm pipe, attached with 42mm/28mm transition joints.  Supporting the reels by the edges also ensures damage-free handling since the wiring products are never touched. The reels, either disposable cardboard or returnable heavy-duty plastic, range from 18″ to 24″ diameters and weigh from 5 lb to 25 lb per reel. 

The cart’s main structure is also built using 42mm diameter pipe and joints for strength.  42mm pipe is 2-1/2 times stronger than standard 28mm pipe giving the carts a 600 lb capacity without the need for extensive bracing.  The cart as shown, measures 40″ W x 60″ H x 28″ D and the shelves are adjustable from 10″ to 40″ from the floor.  Four large diameter swivel casters, two locking, provide good maneuverability for manually transporting fully loaded carts to the plant’s warehouse facility.

The cart’s modular design allows the cradles to be easily adjusted.  In addition, Creform offers a variety of accessories including label holders or hitches to mobilize the carts using AGVs or tuggers.

Creform structural components are used to create an array of material handling and efficiency enhancing devices, including push, hinged shelf and trailer carts, flow racks, roller conveyors, workstations, and AGV/AGCs. The Creform System is a proven component in continuous improvement and Lean Manufacturing programs, and the company partners with customers in developing and implementing these programs.

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