New Bullet Resistant Fence and Garage Doors Meet UL752 Standards

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  • Help mitigate risk of damage to residential, commercial, institutional as well as educational, religious and childcare facilities
  • Fire resistant and impenetrable from mobs' intent on damage and vandalism
  • Come with ballistic protection and crash protection

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Bullistic Barriers Introduces Two New Products

GAP, Penn., Oct. 27, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The recent spike in riots and looting across the U.S. have come at a high price. In addition to loss of life, the total insured property losses incurred during the George Floyd riots alone will cost anywhere from $1 billion to $2 billion. When you consider that social unrest and violence spread across the country has affected 22 states, this is the costliest catastrophe in history, surpassing the damage from the Rodney King riots. Clearly, with violence and protests erupting from the Breonna Taylor episodes, plus potential unrest from the Supreme Court nomination and November presidential election, the need for property protection has been unprecedented.

Bullistic Barriers is pleased to introduce two new products to help mitigate risk of damage to residential, commercial, institutional as well as educational, religious and childcare facilities. The Bullet Resistant Fence and Bullet Resistant Garage Doors meet the need for ballistic protection and crash protection. Both are fire resistant and impenetrable from a mobs' intent on damage and vandalism. From a safety and security perspective, these products are unparalleled as they are specifically designed to absorb the bullet as opposed to foster the additional danger of ricochet. Additionally, this product is architecturally pleasing, enhancing property design while mitigating danger and risk.

The team behind Bullistic Barriers has over two decades of experience creating security gates and perimeter fences for affluent residences and extraordinary properties. By listening to the needs of high-powered executives and security professionals, the team was in tune to the ever-increasing demands for property and perimeter security. The result was the creation of comprehensive physical and ballistic barriers to meet the needs of any property. Currently, their gates and fences are in use across the country.

In early 2019, Bullistic Barriers started testing for the Bullet Resistant Fence. To date, it has undergone hundreds of rounds of testing ¾ including testing to level 8 of UL752, arresting bullets from 9mm, .357, .44, 30-30 rifle, AR-15, AK47, and shotgun slug and shotgun shots.

Bullistic Barrier products have been third party tested NTS meeting all UL752 standards.

Bullistic Barriers is taking the void in the market of bullet-resistant fencing very seriously and is actively looking to boost safety by adding crash resistance. This initiative is to provide protection against terrorist attacks utilizing trucks or vehicles. Additional testing has also started in the development of a Class 3 Bullet Resistant Fence to provide protection against 30-06 armor piercing rounds and .50 caliber rifle attacks.

Incredible interest from security professionals both nationally and globally has led to the development of the Bullistic Barrier products. These unprecedented products have proven quite timely for providing perimeter security in these uncertain times.

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