New Blue Laser from Power Technology is Ideal for Working with Copper, Silver, and Gold

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Power Technology’s new laser is used for metal cutting, welding, and fabrication. Metal absorbs the blue laser easier, allowing for more efficient work. The laser can be up to 20 times faster and has better wall-plug efficiency with lower maintenance costs. With its air-cooled architecture, it is easily integrated into other equipment and systems and it does not need an external water chiller or liquid cooling. The laser has a power range from 26 Watts to 100 Watts, allowing manufacturers to tailor the exact configuration necessary for their application. This product is ideal for the automotive industry, battery manufacturing, and aerospace industries.

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New Blue Laser for Metals Processing Released by Power Technology Inc.

Little Rock, AR - October 2, 2018 - Power Technology, OEM manufacturer of laser diode modules, has released a new laser for the cutting, welding, and fabricating of copper, silver, and gold. The ClearCut laser brings wavelength and power optimizations to materials processing applications that are ideal for the automotive industry, electrical vehicle battery manufacturing, aerospace, welding, marking, and research applications.

Copper absorbs certain wavelengths of light better than others. While up to 90% of IR light can be reflected by copper, blue (455 nm) laser light is readily absorbed by copper. We developed the ClearCut laser for those battery manufacturers and materials processors specifically to take advantage of that absorption.

Depending on the material, the ClearCut is up to 20 times faster and more efficient compared to traditional joining lasers and ultrasonic welders. The ClearCut provides better wall-plug efficiency and lower maintenance costs. It is easy to integrate into other applications thanks to its air-cooled architecture. No external water chiller or liquid cooling is required. With powers from 26 Watts to 100 Watts, manufacturers can tailor the exact configuration for their application.

Our VP, Walter Burgess, chimed in with "the need for better copper processing is being driven by the rise in electric vehicles and other battery-hungry applications. Manufacturers and processors needed a faster and more efficient way to work with their materials. The ClearCut laser was designed to meet those needs."

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