New BioGard Anti-Microbial Product

Carbon Resources is partnering with Molecular Products to provide an alternative product to silver-impregnated carbons for anti-microbial applications. The Chemsorb® BioGard(TM) product features a new patented antimicrobial agent effective against a wide spectrum of microorganisms, fungi, yeasts and mold and passed NSF 42 testing for bacteriostasis and extractables.

The BioGard(TM) product has a BIOSAFE antimicrobial agent which is a quaternary ammonium silane polymer that is deposited within the pores of the activated carbon. This process creates a "pin cushion" configuration of molecules that are permanently bound to the activated carbon. These molecules act like millions of molecular swords physically disrupting the target organism's cell membrane.

Unlike silver impregnated carbons, this new product exhibits extremely low toxicity to human health and does not leach into the filtered water. The activity on the activated carbon remains intact and because coconut shell carbon is the base material, it has high surface area, high hardness and low dust. In recent tests, we have found that the BioGard(TM) has almost double the effectiveness than silver impregnated carbons as shown in the graph below:

In addition to this being a lower cost alternative to silver, it also has other Benefits. The antimicrobial technology is not progressively depleted with use like silver metal ions and therefore exhibits a longer service life. It is also safer and environmentally friendly.

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