New Binks MX Pump Wins IWF Challengers Award

Binks new MX(TM) 412 piston pump, hailed as the industry's most responsive air motor and fluid section combination by experts in the field, has won a Challengers Distinguished Achievement Award®.

Presented in Atlanta during the 2010 International Woodworking Machinery & Furniture Supply Fair (IWF), this is the industry's highest honor, recognizing advancements in technology or significant contributions to environmental improvements.

Binks met both of these criteria in the new Binks MX pump, which uses an innovative new design to save on both coating and compressed air use while improving quality.

On behalf of ITW Industrial Finishing, Chris Poe, Fluid Delivery Product Manager, and Chris Strong, R&D Engineer, accepted the internationally recognized IWF Challengers Award.

As a member of the group that developed the new Binks MX pump, Mr. Poe said, "Our team is excited to receive this 2010 IWF Challengers Award. Binks MX pump enables users of air assist airless spray to operate at lower fluid and lower atomizing air pressures. This is better for the environment and achieves greater transfer efficiency with fewer rejected parts for a finishing operation."

ITW Industrial Finishing manufactures both Binks and DeVilbiss brands of spray finishing and fluid handling equipment.

Features of Binks MX(TM) Pump series:

o Magnetic detented spool valve design for quick stroke change-over with no pulse; uses less energy than traditional spring construction
o Quick exhaust valve technology releases air fast for speedy pump switchover
o Air motor switches over at low pressures with very little "wink"; minimizes gun's shaping air to apply coating with less overspray
o Stainless steel wetted parts and fluid section
o Stall-resistant non-lubricated spool valve
o Large sight glass for visual packing inspection
o Self-adjusting spring-loaded packing for lower maintenance and running costs
o Divorced pump design so paint can not enter air motor
o Suitable for solvent or waterborne coatings
o Typical coatings include: stains, sealers, topcoats, conversion varnishes, and PTSA catalyzed materials

Typical applications:

o Wood Furniture, Cabinets
o Metal Fabrications
o Off Road Vehicles
o Skips, Dumpsters
o Bus/Truck including undercoating applications
o Aviation/Aerospace

Binks pioneered the development of liquid spray finishing technology over 100 years ago and continues to set the standard for industrial spray finishing. For more information, please call 800-992-4657 or visit

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