New AZ Series Driver Offers High Functionality and Closed Loop Control

Press Release Summary:

  • Available in single-phase 100-120 VAC or single/three-phase 200-240 VAC
  • Controls by directly connecting to the EtherNet/IP master device using a single EtherNet/IP communications cable
  • Includes I/O Stored Data and EtherNet/IP Communications or Pulse Input control methods

Original Press Release:

AZ Series AC Input Drivers Now Available with EtherNet/IPâ„¢

Now With EtherNet/IP

Torrance, CA – August 1, 2019 -- Oriental Motor is pleased to announce the arrival of EtherNet/IP™ communications protocol to the AZ Series AC input line of stored data network drivers. All of the AZ Series drivers feature remain intact in this new communications driver model and is compatible with all AZ Series family of products.

The AlphaStep AZD (AC Input) Stepper Motor Drivers offers superior high speed performance, high functionality and closed loop control. There are no external sensors to buy as the motor and driver complete the system. With the EtherNet/IP AZ Series driver, the operating data can be sent from the host system or can be set in the driver and selected and executed from a host system. Host system connection and control are performed with I/O Stored Data or EtherNet/IP communications.

Easily control the AZ Series by directly connecting to the EtherNet/IP master device using a single EtherNet/IP communications cable. This allows for quick and simple wiring.

The new features of the latest AZ Series Driver with EtherNet/IP Communication includes

  • Single-Phase 100-120 VAC or Single/Three-Phase 200-240 VAC.
  • Control methods: I/O Stored Data, EtherNet/IP Communications or Pulse Input
  • AOI instruction set for easier program configuration
  • Support Software for Parameter Setting (free download)
  • For use with AC Input AZ Series Motors

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