New AX92320 and AX92350 Acquisition Cards are Designed for Machine Vision Applications

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Axiomtek offers AX92320 GigE Vision frame grabber and AX92350 PCI Express real-time vision card with an operating temperature range of 0°C to 60°C. The AX92320 grabber card supports up to PCI Express x4 lane and four Gigabit 802.3at PoE ports and is suitable for automated optical inspection (AOI) and factory automation. The AX92350 vision card features vision-specific I/Os and real-time controls. The vision card comes with 4-CH trigger input, 4-CH or 8-CH trigger output, 4-CH LED lighting control, 1-CH quadrature encoder, 8-CH isolated DI and DO, and 1-CH auto measurement function.

Original Press Release:

Axiomtek's GigE Vision Frame Grabber Card and Real-Time Vision Card - AX92320 and AX92350

Axiomtek – a world-renowned leader relentlessly devoted in the research, development and manufacture of series of innovative and reliable industrial computer products of high efficiency – is proud to unveil its AX92320 – a 4-port PCI Express GigE (GigE Vision Offload Engine) Vision frame grabber card and AX92350 – a PCI Express real-time vision card, built for high performance yet reliable machine vision application in smart manufacturing.

The Axiomtek’s AX92320 supports PCI Express x4 lane, four independent Gigabit 802.3at (PoE, Power-over-Ethernet) compliant Ethernet ports and GigE Vision camera compliance. The 4-port PCI Express x4 frame grabber can provide up to 30 watts at 54 VDC power to port which allows power to be supplied to connected PoE-based devices, such as GigE Vision cameras in machine vision systems. The intelligent GigE Vision card also supports IEEE 1588 (precise time protocol), enabling synchronization with multi-camera acquisition. Combining IEEE 1588 and PoE function, the card utilizes a single Ethernet cable for power, data, and synchronization. Furthermore, it supports jumbo frames up to 9.5KB. The AX92320 is ideal for PoE applications such as automated optical inspection (AOI), factory automation, and PC-based surveillance systems.

The Axiomtek’s AX92350 is a PCI Express x1 vision card with vision-specific I/Os and real-time controls. A machine vision system requires accurate interaction between lighting, camera, actuator and sensor devices. The AX92350 vision I/O card integrates LED lighting controller, camera trigger, encoder input, and digital I/O to connect and control all the vision devices. The encoder input function is well-suited for conveyor applications. There are 4-CH trigger input, 4-CH or 8-CH trigger output, 4-CH LED lighting control, 1-CH quadrature encoder, 8-CH isolated DI and DO, and 1-CH auto measurement function for rugged machine vision and video surveillance applications.

"The AX92320 and AX92350 can fit in the PCI Express slot of any multi-channel vision control systems. These two acquisition cards are designed to help customers develop and deploy machine vision and surveillance applications. Applications will greatly benefit through reduce cost, simpler installation and lower maintenance," said Wayne Chung, a product manager at Axiomtek. "Moreover, both of them have a wide operating temperature of 0°C to 60°C (32°F to 140°F), making them suitable to be used in most severe environments."

Axiomtek’s AX92320 and AX92350 are available now. For more product information or pricing, please visit our global website at or contact one of our sales representatives at


  • PCI Express x4 compliant
  • 4 independent GbE LANs
  • Supports 9.5KB Jumbo Frame and IEEE 1588
  • Compliant with IEEE802.3at to deliver 30W at 54 VDC per port
  • Up to 20/120W PoE power from PCIe bus/6-pin ATX power connector
  • 0°C to +60°C wide operating temperature range
  • PoE power management software
  • Supports LAN port smart on/off



  • PCI Express x1 compliant
  • Integrated vision I/O
     4-CH trigger input
    4/8-CH trigger output
  • 4-CH LED lighting control (LED trigger output channels are defined by software settings)
    1-CH quadrature encoder input
    8-CH isolated DI, 8-CH isolated DO
    1-CH auto measurement function
  • Programmable interrupt functions
  • Flexible design for vision inspection

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