New Automotive Gasket Technology

Newmarket, Ontario - Elasto Proxy Inc. is pleased to announce the fabrication of film spliced automotive style trim seal gaskets. When required to cut lengths of trim seal and manually bond gaskets using quick set adhesives, the opportunity for miscalculation and human error is presented, which can result in wasted time and product. Now that trim seal can be cut, bonded by film splice and shipped to the manufacturer ready-to-install, many needless hours of labor and the chance of human error can be eliminated.

The process of manually bonding trim seal gaskets can result in misaligned joints and joints that are not completely sealed due to mating surfaces that are not flush. One of the biggest problems that an unsealed joint will cause is the rusting of the metal clip inside the trim seal once the gasket has been exposed to water. Once the metal clip has been exposed to water, not only will it cause unsightly rust stains, the metal clip will loose its gripping force resulting in a weak gasket. A gasket that has been bonded using film splice technology is professional in appearance and eliminates the chance of rust due to a virtually seamless, perfectly sealed joint.

The primary difference between a gasket bonded by film splice and other more common bonding methods offered today is the elimination of quick set adhesive. Most quick set adhesives are not compatible with foam rubber causing the rubber to crystallize, burn and crack over time, resulting in a joint that will fail. Film splice technology uses a rubber film along with heat to form a very strong bond to create a gasket that possesses the durability to stand up well against wear and tear over the life cycle of the product for which it has been produced.

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