New Automatic Self-Cleaning Filter for 15um to 1500um Micron High Solids Removals

Press Release Summary:

  • Features rugged, stainless steel construction and available in simplex and duplex configurations
  • Electropolished 316 stainless steel housings and Tri-Clover® hygienic 3A finish fittings
  • Protects food washdown systems from higher solids and seasonal upsets

Original Press Release:

Spiral Water Technologies Introduces Model 850SS Automatic Self-Cleaning Filter for High Solids Removal in Industries Requiring Sanitary Processes

Middlesex, New Jersey, September 23, 2021 -- Spiral Water Technologies (SWT), a leader in advanced high solids separation and concentration filters, introduces its Model 850SS Automatic Self-cleaning filter. The latest offering in the company’s portfolio of advanced filtration products and systems, the low maintenance Model 850SS (stainless steel) was specifically developed for food, beverage, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and other sanitary processes requiring high solids removal at micron levels from 15um to 1500um.

The filter’s 316 stainless steel housings are electropolished and have Tri-Clover® hygienic 3A finish fittings, which provide a safe and secure way to connect any food grade system. The filters can be used in cleaned-in-place (CIP) operations while its internal wiper/brush can be removed and cleaned-out-of-place (COP). This provides plant operators with a greater degree of quality assurance.

Applications for the SWT Model 850SS filters include:

  • High solids water recovery and reuse for industries such as agriculture, food and beverage. The Model 850SS features rugged, stainless steel construction that is ideal for handling challenging waters. This filter is often used in water reuse systems including those aimed at achieving Zero Liquid Discharge.
  • Total Suspended Solids (TSS) reduction in food processing wastewater such as that from vegetable processing, breweries, wineries, and juice production. The separated solids can be reclaimed, sold and reused as a valuable commodity for uses such as ingredients or flavoring stock in food products, or as feedstock in the ag-tech market.
  • Natural water filtration. The filters protect food washdown systems from higher solids and seasonal upsets.
  • Higher temperature applications than filters with PVC housings are designed to accommodate.

Spiral Water’s systems have achieved 61% TSS reduction and 48% BOD reduction in systems up to 10% by volume, thus reducing wastewater service fees. Spiral Water filters have reduced TSS and Inorganic Suspended Solids (ISS) from 8% to 1% by volume in filtering juices and other applications.

Many integrated systems use Spiral Water’s filters to enhance the effectiveness of other process components (including membranes, DAF, MBRs, and Oxygen Injection Systems) by reducing TSS. This feature sometimes allows engineers to reduce the size of other components in the system. When properly sized, Spiral Water Filters can operate at constant differential pressures (DP) of less than < 1psid. Unlike standard backwash filters, Spiral Water automatic self-cleaning filters operate effortlessly at system pressures as low as 10 psi with no pulsing.

The SWT Model 850SS filter is available in both Simplex and Duplex configurations. To learn more, visit

About Spiral Water Technologies

Spiral Water Technologies develops and markets high performance products for advanced high solids filtration and concentration applications. The company’s patented automatic self-cleaning filtration technology delivers superior results while reducing Capex and Opex for low Total Lifecycle Cost. Spiral Water products provide breakthrough performance in some of today’s most demanding applications, including water reuse and recovery; pre-filtration for DAF, MBR and RO/UF; industrial water filtration; and concentration of valuable or resalable product from non-hazardous wastewater. To learn more, visit

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