New Automatic Data Logging Software & Droid/iOS Apps for the E4500 Portable Emissions Analyzer

The E4500 portable flue gas analyzer is designed for emissions monitoring, maintenance & tuning of BOILERS, BURNERS, ENGINES, FURNACES, TURBINES, KILNS, INCINERATORS, and many other industrial combustion processes

  • Data-Logging Software: User can connect the analyzer to the computer to manage test data.
  • Droid & iOS Compatible Apps: Download the app to create QR codes, save and send your tests, and more!

Other E4500 Features:

  • Up To FOUR Gas Sensors: O2, CO, NO, NO2, SO2, CxHy (HC)
  • Built-In Printer (Non-Fading Paper)
  • CO Dilution System (up to 50,000 ppm)
  • Low NOx and Total NOx Capable
  • Automatic Data Saving Feature
  • Temperature & Pressure Measurements
  • Internal Data Memory (2,000 Tests)
  • Software Package with USB & Bluetooth

Download Spec Sheet

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