New ASIC Enclosures Reduce Noise up to 20db

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  • Offers weather resistance and is rugged, allowing miners to be outside without any problem
  • Ability to keep cool in harsh conditions and able to operate in all climates
  • Ideal for use in indoor, outdoor, home and office environments

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Shush Miner - The ASIC Silencer for Hobbyist Miners

Here at Shush Miner, we're pleased to announce that our ASIC enclosures have been met with strong demand from the market. Our August launch was successful, and we're committed to providing the most rugged and affordable ASIC silencer on the market without sacrificing quality or durability. Our enclosures are designed to reduce noise output from your ASICs by up to 20db, making them ideal for use in indoor, outdoor, home, and office environments. And because our enclosures are made from high-quality materials, you can be sure that they'll last for years to come.

If you're like me, you care about your hearing. You also probably own an ASIC Bitcoin miner like the S19j. These two things don't have to be mutually exclusive, though! With Shush Miner, you can reduce the noise of your S19j Pro or XP by up to 20db. That's the noise level on par with a conversation so you can keep mining in peace! Hearing loss starts around 85 db when exposed for 8 hours a day. The S19j Pro measures at 75db, so with Shush Miner, you're keeping your hearing and your Bitcoins mining operations going! Order now and start mining in silence!

The Shush Miner is weather resistant and rugged, allowing your miner to be outside without any problems. The sturdy casing can withstand rain, wind, and snow, so you can keep your miner running in any conditions!

Mining noise is one of the biggest challenges miners face when it comes to owning an ASIC miner. The Shush Miner can reduce the noise level of your S19j by up to 20db without sacrificing any hashrate, performance, or airflow. This makes it possible for you to keep your miner in your home without having to worry about complaints from your loved ones or neighbors. Keep your hearing and your Bitcoins mining operations going with a Shush Miner today!

The Shush Miner is one of the most popular Bitcoin ASIC miner enclosures on the market. Recently, the popular YouTube channel, Space Design Warehouse, featured the Shush Miner in a video. In the video, Nick thoroughly tests the different features of the miner, including its ability to keep cool in harsh conditions and its ability to withstand monsoon weather. The results of the test were very positive, and Nick was able to confirm that the Shush Miner is capable of delivering impressive results.

If you're interested in learning more about the Shush Miner, please visit our website. On our homepage, you can watch Space Design Warehouse's video. You'll also learn about the different features of our product, including our weather resistance and durability. And finally, you'll see how easy it is to order a Shush Miner for yourself!

About The Company:

Shush Miner is Georgia, USA based manufacturing company specializing in ASIC silencers that can reduce the noise of an S19j Pro or S19j XP by up to 20db! The rugged exterior of the Shush Miner allows ASIC mining to happen outside without sacrificing airflow. Our box is weather resistant and able to operate in all climates.

Company Name: Shush Miner
Address: 3 Central Plaza #420
Rome, GA 30161 USA
Contact Email:
Contact Person: Braden Keith

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