New AROPOL(TM) Resin Formulation from Ashland Brings Automotive Finish to Pleasure Boats

DUBLIN, Ohio - Above-the-waterline parts on pleasure boats can now display the same "Class A" exterior finish usually reserved for sports cars. AROPOL NLN closed molding resin for the marine industry from Ashland Composite Polymers, a business group of Ashland Performance Materials, a division of Ashland Inc. (NYSE:ASH), is being introduced at the International Boat Builders' Exposition and Conference (IBEX) in Miami, Nov. 1-3.

Automobile manufacturers assign body finish classifications, and use the term Class A for the best level of exterior finish possible. The secret in bringing the Class A finish to the marine industry is the use of a tailored unsaturated polyester resin matched perfectly with Ashland's premium NEULON® low profile additives.

AROPOL NLN series of resins, available in North America, feature room-temperature curing and superior storage stability when compared to traditional low profile systems. "Professional boat builders now have the ability to create surfaces once only possible with high-temperature, high pressure processes," said Mike Wallenhorst, global marine marketing manager for Ashland Composite Polymers.

Ashland is also credited with developing the proprietary test for measuring surface finish called ALSA (Ashland Laser Surface Analysis). This test has become a standard used by automobile manufacturers to ensure that surface finishes are properly measured and are reproducible.

For more information about AROPOL NLN Class A profile resin, contact Mike Wallenhorst at (614) 790-3287.

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