New APV Series Heat Exchangers Offer Easy Inspection and Maintenance Access

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SPX’s APV Series Heat Exchangers are available with gasketed, semi-welded and welded plate options. APV series gasketed plate models provide enhanced thermal efficiency. The plates are designed with optimum turbulence and efficient flow distribution and feature Corner Lock and Bubble Lock. APV series of welded plate exchangers are suitable for use in high pressure applications and come with optimized plate corrugation patterns that reduce the risk of fouling.

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SPX Flow APV® Heat Exchangers Improve Efficiency and Reduce Emissions in Power Applications

FRANKFURT, GERMANY, June 11-15, 2018 – With the hunger for energy showing no signs of abating and the impetus to reduce carbon emissions becoming an imperative, the drive for greater efficiency in power generation has never been more crucial. More efficient process heat recovery reduces energy consumption and can bring significant cost savings. From its APV brand, SPX FLOW provides a wide range of plate heat exchanger technologies that improve thermal management and increase efficiency in power generation, process heating and cooling, as well as district heating units. Lightweight and highly efficient heat transfer surfaces combine with robust and compact designs to deliver reliable performance and maximum heat efficiency in demanding process conditions across a wide range of power generation technologies. Widely used in low to medium pressure heat transfer applications, SPX FLOW solutions play an important role in applications ranging from cooling and heating to condensing and evaporation of process fluids in, for example, steam condensers and district cooling units.

APV heat transfer solutions for the energy sector are based on a complete range of plate-type heat exchangers including gasketed, semi-welded and welded plate options. These range from high capacity, heavy duty units to small, compact designs which are available as standard solutions or as customized units based on ground-breaking designs and various materials. 

SPX FLOW heat exchangers provide easy inspection and maintenance access and can be cleaned using clean-in-place (CIP) or mechanical cleaning processes. The high thermal efficiency of APV heat exchangers enables a very compact design, resulting in a minimum footprint where space and weight are essential parameters. June 2018 saw the launch of the latest addition to the APV portfolio of plate heat exchangers. The exciting 2" ported MIRA unit offers the best thermal performance yet within the APV range. This means less extensive loadbearing foundations, faster installation at lower cost and lower overall capital expenditure. 

The range of APV gasketed plate heat exchangers offers exceptionally high thermal efficiency with the flexibility to reconfigure solutions to meet changing needs. Plates are designed for efficient flow distribution and optimum turbulence to maximize heat transfer efficiency. Service downtime is minimized due to easy operation and maintenance features including easy-to-mount APV clip gaskets and plate alignment features such as “Corner Lock" and “Bubble Lock" which ensure a stable, well-aligned plate pack every time the unit is closed.

In higher temperature and higher pressure applications, the APV Hybrid series of welded plate heat exchangers stand out as an obvious choice. The high thermal efficiency of the APV Hybrid heat exchangers reduces external energy input demand, while its design flexibility enables very low-pressure drops to be achieved without compromising performance. Optimized plate corrugation patterns reduce the risk of fouling and increase heat recovery respectively, depending on the duty conditions and priorities. The APV Hybrid heat exchanger can be easily opened for inspection and cleaning by removing the housing covers. The unit is mechanically cleanable on the tube side and plate side is easily CIP-able making it a truly cleanable solution. 

In relation to the APV ParaWeld series, these semi-welded plate heat exchangers are designed with welded channels to allow handling of aggressive fluids and are available with either conventional or special gaskets to match specific duty requirements. The units are highly suitable, functioning as main propane pre-heaters and propane evaporators. 

Also available is the Orion DuraFlow & EnergySaver, a 4" ported plate heat exchanger designed to cover a wide range of applications and secure even better solutions for customers in the energy sector. By implementing features developed over the past ten years it delivers a more cost effective heat exchanger with a superior ratio between plate thickness and pressure rating. The superior plate stack stability enables the use of thinner and more efficient plates without compromising mechanical strength. Improved thermal performance is achieved through the graduated chocolate box distribution. The Orion plate exchanger allows improved construction time as maintenance is reduced to a minimum. Any service required can easily be carried out by staff on site, saving both time and money.

SPX FLOW has vast experience in optimizing the utilization of energy through efficient heat recovery, and a wide range of heat transfer solutions and options are available to best match application requirements. The portfolio is globally supported by SPX expert design and application engineering, project management, service and maintenance to help customers optimize their processes. SPX heat transfer solutions are designed to operate safely and offer better economy by increasing performance, improving run times and lowering maintenance costs

About SPX FLOW, Inc.: 

Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, SPX FLOW, Inc. (NYSE:FLOW) innovates with customers to help feed and enhance the world by designing, delivering and servicing high value solutions at the heart of growing and sustaining our diverse communities. The company's product offering is concentrated in rotating, actuating and hydraulic technologies, as well as turn-key systems, into the food and beverage, industrial and power and energy end markets. SPX FLOW has approximately $2 billion in annual revenues with operations in more than 30 countries and sales in more than 150 countries. To learn more about SPX FLOW, please visit


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