New Application Troubleshooting Expert Option for OptiView(TM) Integrated Network Analyzer Dramatically Reduces Time to Problem Identification

October 01, 2007

New visual transactions chart and Visio-based network mapping make interpreting results quicker and more intuitive

EVERETT, Washington - Fluke Networks, provider of innovative Network SuperVision Solutions(TM) for the testing, monitoring and analysis of enterprise and telecommunications networks, today announced major new capabilities for its OptiView Series III Integrated Network Analyzer. This market leading, portable monitoring and troubleshooting tool now offers network engineers a new application troubleshooting expert option that dramatically reduces time to problem identification.

Users can now see new views of network traffic, including round trip network latency, plus the response time of the far end server. Traffic data is presented via a new graphical transactions chart, presenting results in an intuitive, visual format. This makes identifying the true nature of a problem much easier to see and understand. The transactions chart includes drill-down capability, providing the fastest, simplest means of capturing packet level detail.

"Our customers tell us they have to constantly prove that application problems are not network problems," said Dan Klimke, Fluke Networks Marketing Manager for Portable Network Analysis. "They need to provide evidence to other groups within IT showing where the real source of the problem resides. The new Application Troubleshooting Expert gives them that proof."

Network documentation without manual labor

Also new to the OptiView Series III Integrated Network Analyzer is OptiView Reporter, which turns automated network discovery into complete network documentation using Visio based mapping. This greatly simplifies and reduces the time to complete documentation tasks, which used to take weeks of manual labor, to a matter of minutes.

Increased VLAN visibility

The OptiView Series III Integrated Network Analyzer can now see all VLANs on the network by analyzing all VLAN tagged traffic. This helps in identifying and resolving VLAN configuration questions, and balancing traffic loads between VLANS. With the deployment of VoIP VLANs all the way to the desktop, ensuring correct configurations is vital for voice quality. This increased VLAN visibility helps users manage their network more efficiently, saving both money and time.

The OptiView Series III Integrated Network Analyzer supports four primary IT initiatives:

o Deploying new technologies and applications

o Managing and validating infrastructure changes

o Solving network and application performance issues

o Securing the network from internal threats

This is accomplished by using extensive discovery capabilities and providing visibility into every piece of hardware, application and connection on the network.

Product availability

The new application troubleshooting expert option for the OptiView Series III Integrated Network Analyzer is available for immediately from Fluke Networks channel partners worldwide. Upgrade details for existing Integrated Network Analyzer owners can be found at flukenetworks/optiview

About Fluke Networks

Fluke Networks provides innovative solutions for the installation and certification, testing, monitoring and analysis of copper, fiber and wireless networks used by enterprises and telecommunications carriers. The company's comprehensive line of Network SuperVision(TM) Solutions provide network installers, owners, and maintainers with superior vision, combining speed, accuracy and ease of use to optimize network performance. Headquartered in Everett, Washington, the company distributes its products in more than 50 countries. Fluke Networks is part of the Danaher (NYSE:DHR) family of companies. More information can be found by visiting Fluke Networks' Web site at or by calling (800) 283-5853.

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