New AirFlow P Sensor Performs Accurate Speed Measurement

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  • Measures a volume flow in clean gas ducts with a dust loading of only a few mg/m³
  • Delivers reliable measured values even when used under difficult conditions
  • Can be installed on existing ducts, there is no venturi or similar conversions required

Original Press Release:

ENVEA Launches Its New Sensor for Volume Flow Measurement

ENVEA presents the AirFlow P, the new sensor for volume flow measurement even in dust laden applications.

Irrespective of whether the sensor is used in an environ­ment with low dust loads or under harsh conditions, the AirFlow P always delivers reliable measured values even when it is used under difficult conditions, e. g. high dust loads.

This makes the AirFlow P the perfect measuring device for volumetric flow measurement in positions where differential pressure measurements cannot be used due to excessive dust loading or where duct conversions are not possible or desirable. The AirFlow P can be easily installed on existing ducts, there is no venturi or similar conversions required.

Via two antennas that protrude into the air duct, the AirFlow P is able to perform a very accurate speed measurement. If the area of the duct is stored on the evaluation unit, the AirFlow P system supplies a signal at the analogue output cubic metres per hour (v x A).

By using the latest technologies, it is possible to measure a volume flow with the AirFlow P in clean gas ducts with a dust loading of only a few mg/m³. It is also possible to use the AirFlow P as a pure speed measuring device, e. g. in order to keep the actual material velocity constant.

The AirFlow P system consists of a special process adapter, the sensor and an evaluation unit. The sensor's antennas are easily interchangeable and available in different versions. Thus, the AirFlow P can be used under almost all process conditions. For larger channels, an averaging of up to three measuring points can take place at one evaluation unit.

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ENVEA is a world-class manufacturer of ambient, emission and process monitoring systems, with full turnkey capabilities. ENVEA’s equipment and technologies encompass gas analyzers, dust monitors, solids and flue gas flow meters, as well as environmental data processing and reporting solutions.

ENVEA Process GmbH is one Business unit of the ENVEA Group, that is located in Schliengen (Germany) and focuses on solutions for the process optimization. ENVEA Process develops and produces measuring systems for the solid measurement of powder, dust and granulate, such as mass flow measurement, material flow monitoring, moisture measurement or dust measurement.

Our solutions help to optimize processes and contribute to increase efficiency in production and as a result, downtimes and material losses can be reduced.

Envea’s US headquarters is located in Geneva, Illinois. For sales please email or call 630-262-4400

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