New Afinia L501 Color Label Printer Offers Resolution of Up to 2400 dpi

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The Afinia L501 Color Label Printer is offered in Afinia L501 Duo, Afinia L501 Dye and Afinia L501 Pigment configurations. The units can print up to 8.5 in. wide labels. The Afinia L501 Duo printer features two print heads (one pigment and one dye), the Afinia L501 Dye model is equipped with dye print head and one set of cyan, magenta, yellow, and black dye-based ink cartridges whereas the Afinia L501 Pigment printer comes with one pigment print head and one set of cyan, magenta, yellow, and black pigment-based ink cartridges.

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Afinia L501 Dual-Purpose Label Printer Combines Industrial GHS and Prime Label Printing

New color label printer works with both pigment and dye inks, allowing users to print GHS and prime labels on the same machine.

Auguest 7, 2018, Cheyenne, Wyoming - Afinia Label recently introduced a dual-purpose color label printer that uses both pigment and dye inks. With “Duo Ink Technology,” the Afinia L501 color label printer is marketed to small- and mid-sized businesses that need an affordable, flexible way to print both industrial and prime labels.

According to Basat Khalifa, president of DuraFast Label Company, the Afinia L501 is generating a lot of interest. “Many of our customers need to print durable industrial labels as well as high quality product labels,” he said. “But they’ve balked at the prospect of having to buy and manage two separate color label printers. The L501 solves that problem for them elegantly — and saves them a lot of money.”

Matte labels printed with pigment inks are highly resistant moisture, fading, abrasions, and extreme temperatures while those printed with dye inks are vibrant, high impact, and colorful.

Khalifa pointed out that dye-based inks are much more attractive by their nature, but they are prone to fading and aren’t intended to be exposed to sunlight, moisture, outdoor use, temperature extremes and other environmental hazards.

“Pigment inks are much more durable,” he said. “But the colors are more muted than the dye inks. The two ink types have specific purposes. In many cases, you’d either need a GHS BS5609 pigment ink label printer or a prime dye ink label printer. However, in just as many scenarios, you might need both.”

Khalifa said that the Afinia L501 Duo color label printer comes with both the pigment and dye print heads (and both sets of ink cartridges). Those who prefer to start with one ink type and then start using the other ink type at a later date, can purchase the L501 in the ink type of their choice and then add the other print head and inks when their needs change.

“Either way, the Afinia L501 is a fantastic value,” he said. “It uses a more recent version of HP Thermal Inkjet technology than its competitors. It prints up to 8.5-inch-wide labels with a resolution of up to 2400dpi. You can even set it up with an optional rewinder for roll-to-roll label printing.”

The Afinia L501 is available in three different versions:

Printer Configuration                                                      Description

Afinia L501 Duo - Price $3795 USD                      Printer with two print heads (one pigment and one dye) and two complete sets of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and   $200 free label promo                                           Black ink cartridges in both pigment and dye. Best choice for printing industrial and prime labels.

Afinia L501 Dye Price $3595 USD                        Printer with the Dye print head and one set of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black dye-

Plus $200 free label promo                                    based ink cartridges. Best choice for printing prime labels. Can purchase the pigment print head and inks                                                                                       separately.

Afinia L501 Pigment - Price $3595 USD                Printer with the Pigment print head and one set of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black             

Plus $200 free label promo                                    pigment-based ink cartridges. Best choice for printing industrial and GHS-BS5609 labels. Can purchase the                                                                                   dye print head and inks separately.

About DuraFast Label Company

DuraFast Label Company, a label manufacturer, is an authorized reseller of the leading brands of color label printers including Afinia Label, Primera Technology, Epson, UniNet, and VIPColor. With offices in USA and Canada, DuraFast Label Company specializes in helping businesses print their own prime and industrial labels.

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