New Affordable Ambisonic Microphone to Hit Shelves by February 2014

Noida, India – Embrace Cinema Gear announced today, that following a successful campaign on Kickstarter, the Brahma, their new ambisonic microphone, could hit shelves as early as February 2014. In doing so, the Brahma microphone system, retailing at roughly a fifth of ambisonic microphones currently on the market, aims to usher in a new generation of affordable, high quality ambisonic equipment for sound recording professionals.

The Brahma microphone system is the latest innovation from Embrace Cinema Gear, which is increasingly being associated  as a go to for inventive, affordable, high quality film equipment.  The Brahma will enable every sound artist, recordist and technician to make great ambisonics recordings. It will give audio recording a flexibility it has never had before. It is a point and record microphone of the highest quality and recreates sound as heard from a single point, in all directions, in any sonic field. It is designed and packed to be affordable, simple to use and easy to set up. The Brahma is priced at approximately 1/5th price of the most popular ambisonics microphone. 

Normal professional and non professional microphones record sound from 1 direction and are limited to 1 microphone pattern. The Brahma records sound in such a way that it has complete directional control, that is 360 degrees on 3 axes, as well as the ability to change between 6 microphone patterns and multiple combination patterns, as well as stereo and surround sound options.

Ambisonics is a technique for recording the entire sound image at a single point from which virtually any microphone pattern and playback format can be created in post processing.  Use of ambisonics has not seen widespread adoption because of technology and price limitations. "Ambisonics has been a closed world of sorts, and we want to open it up so there isn't this separation between professionals based on who has what resources," asserts Nakul Sood, co-creator of the Brahma Microphone. 

The Brahma will be available in 3 versions. As a stand-alone microphone to be used with any 4 channel recorder ($899); As built into a modified Zoom H2n recorder ($1199); and as a stand-alone coupled with a modified Zoom H2n recorder ($1400).


Embrace Cinema Gear has indigenously developed approximately 85 unique products for service professionals in the fields of Cinema and Audio Recording. Nakul Sood and Umashankar are the engineering and manufacturing force behind the Brahma. The Brahma is now available on Kickstarter. For more information, please see

For additional information contact: Shimona Rana,, F-43 Sector 8, Noida, UP, 201303.

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