New AC Electromagnetic Yoke Can Increase Inspector Productivity and Reduce Physical Fatigue

Press Release Summary:

  • Features include field-replaceable cord, water-resistant activation switch, housing, and a snap-on LED light
  • Prevent dust and dangerous water damage with an IP54 o-ring sealed housing
  • Less arm strain, wrist fatigue, and physical stress help operators

Original Press Release:

Lightweight and Heavy Duty Magnetic Particle Inspection Yoke

Increase productivity and reduce physical fatigue with the improved ergonomic Y-2 AC yoke

GLENVIEW, Illinois – July 25, 2018 -- The Y-2 is an AC electromagnetic yoke for magnetic particle inspection that improves inspector productivity through a lightweight, ergonomic design. The Y-2 is the next generation of hand-held yokes that is more robust to survive harsh environments better than its predecessors.

The new design features customer suggested solutions such as a field-replaceable cord, water-resistant activation switch & housing, and a snap-on LED light.

Increase inspector productivity and reduce physical fatigue

  • Less arm strain, wrist fatigue, and physical stress help operators get more done due to the lightweight and ergonomic design.
  • Easily position the yoke in any direction with lightweight, heavy-duty, and powerful electronics components.

Keep tools in service with a design that’s built to last

  • Cords and triggers can be easily replaced, so work doesn’t stop, and tools aren’t scrapped due to accidental damage.
  • Prevent dust and dangerous water damage with an IP54 o-ring sealed housing.

The team at Magnaflux set out to understand the most important needs of yoke inspectors. After speaking with inspectors across the country, the team realized that the biggest problems with yokes today boiled down to three things;

  1. Cords pulling out
  2. Switches failing
  3. Yoke lights breaking

Armed with this knowledge, the design team set out to make the best yoke possible. After hundreds of hours in design and thousands of cycles in tests, the Y-2 was created. The Y-2 keeps the ergonomics and lightweight of the Y-1, but adds;

  1. High-strength, field-swappable power cord
  2. Sealed, replaceable switch in an IP-54 rated sealed housing
  3. Snap-fit, durable, LED light

The Y-2 Yoke is available to order globally in a 115V and 230V version. Part numbers 628554 & 628555. All models work with a new super bright LED, part number 628840, to help illuminate the inspection area while simultaneously magnetizing the inspection area. All-in-one kits, part number 628556, are also available, including #1 Gray and #8A Red magnetic powders, a yellow paint marker, and cleaning cloth, for a full inspection system in one convenient carrying case.

Visit or order one today at your favorite NDT distributor.

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