New Abeeway Smart Badge with Built-in 80 dB Buzzer

Press Release Summary:

  • Provides a local zoning or emergency alert feature to signal danger or forbidden zones
  • Functions up to a year on single charge with a built-in rechargeable 850mAh battery
  • Ideal for tracking, zone notification and monitoring of workforce safety, area prohibition and security

Original Press Release:

Saelig Introduces Multimode Geolocating Abeeway Smart Badge

More than a simple ID card, this tracker is a powerful worker safety and security tool.

Fairport, NY, USA: Saelig Company, Inc. announces availability of the Abeeway Smart Badge, a portable multi-mode tracker in an ID badge format, which features embedded sensors and combines GPS, Low-power GPS, Wi-Fi Sniffer, BLE and LoRaWAN TDoA geolocation technologies. This provides accurate and continuous outdoor as well as indoor geolocation. This badge is ideal for tracking, zone notification and monitoring of workforce safety, area prohibition, and security. Simple to use, a single button provides access to the numerous functionalities which can be customized for specific scenarios. For instance, it can incorporate a panic/SOS button, or provide a local zoning or emergency alert feature to signal danger or forbidden zones with a built-in 80dB buzzer.

The Smart Badge provides location tracking for mobile workers and personnel to reduce risks and injuries and prevent unauthorized entry to secure or hazardous work zones. With Abeeway’s Smart Badge precise tracking abilities, employees can be located no matter where they are, whether indoors or outdoors. This intelligent tracker uses ultra low-power LoRaWAN connectivity, automatically adapting to the surrounding environment by choosing the best local location technology and thereby optimizing battery life. Unlike other trackers that work on power-hungry cellular networks, this Smart Badge benefits from the power efficient LoRaWAN connectivity. With a built-in rechargeable 850mAh battery, it can function for up to a year on a single charge, or 90 days with 60 outdoor/indoor positions per day. Operation is also very economical since no SIMcard or contract is needed to operate.

Designed in a lightweight, compact card form-factor, it is ideal to be worn with a lanyard, attached to clothing, or simply put in a pocket. Housed in an IP64 water-resistant casing, it features embedded sensors for temperature, motion, and pressure. The Smart Badge can monitor motion in real-time and receive position alerts at the start, duration, and end of the motion, and also for “geofencing “ when the badge is entering or leaving defined zones. With permanent tracking, live location information can be provided at regular intervals or as needed on-demand.

The Abeeway Smart Badge is a state-of-the-art tracker for workforce safety monitoring:

  • Personal multi-mode tracking of employees, workers, visitors
  • SOS panic alarm for indoor and outdoor lone workers
  • Danger zone or restricted area access notification
  • Automated attendance monitoring and zoning
  • Safety evacuation monitoring
  • Create location heatmaps, e.g. for optimization of supervisor/worker ratio, floor layouts, etc.

The Smart Badge is certified by the LoRa Alliance and can be deployed worldwide. Designed and made in Europe by Abeeway, one of Europe’s leading wireless location manufacturers, it is available now from their USA distributor Saelig Company, Inc. Fairport, NY. For detailed specifications, free technical assistance, or additional information, please contact Saelig at 1-888-7SAELIG, via email:, or visit

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