New 500 Watt Laser Takes MSI's Cutting Capabilities to the Next Level

Traditionally MSI has used laser cutting to tackle issues that arise when doing things like cutting thick substrates, metals, and adhesives that have proven over time to be a problem. Lasers have the ability to cut shapes that are otherwise impossible to do with a steel rule die.

Our newest addition to the cutting department is a 500 watt CO2 laser that is capable of cutting thick substrates, adhesives, and metals using the same camera registration systems as our digital cutters to hold tight tolerances. Dwarfing our other 2 laser cutting systems, this mammoth has a 4ft. by 4ft. palette, and can even be extended to cut parts up to 8ft. long. For more information please visit or email Karol Birdsall at

MSI, is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified manufacturer of precision Nameplates, Overlays, UL Labels, Membrane Switches and Insulators for the Original Equipment Manufacturer. The industries we serve are Test and Measurement, Telecommunications, Security, Power Distribution, Medical, Aerospace, Military, Computer and Industrial.

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