Networking Framework promotes industrial cyber security.

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Comprised of functional building blocks and secure networking protocols, Magnum Secure Networking Framework (MSNF) provides network-centric solutions for cyber security protection as well as framework for integration with SCADA and information systems. MSNF elements include Secure Network Management, WAN Perimeter Security, Serial and Ethernet Port Security, Access Control, Network back-up and recovery, and Legacy non-routable protocol secure transport.

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GarrettCom Unveils Magnum Secure Networking Framework for Industrial Cyber Security

GarrettCom Initiative Fueled by NERC Critical Infrastructure Protection Mandates

FREMONT, Calif., May 29 -- In response to both the growing threat of cyber attacks and related government mandates in key industries, GarrettCom(TM), Inc., has launched an initiative to provide and promote best practices for industrial network security. Central to the initiative is the Magnum Secure Networking Framework (MSNF), which consists of functional building blocks and secure networking protocols. GarrettCom is a leading network solutions provider for challenging industrial environments.

Cyber security programs such as the power utility sector's NERC Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) standards demonstrate that comprehensive risk mitigation and regulatory compliance requires many technology and procedural elements. GarrettCom's MSNF provides network-centric solutions for cyber security protection, while providing a framework for integration with the overall SCADA and information systems infrastructure. Targeted industries include not only power utilities but also transportation, water treatment and pipelines, energy, and manufacturing cyber infrastructure.

MSNF consists of six functional building blocks that can be implemented using various combinations of products from GarrettCom and strategic industry partners. MSNF elements are:

-- Secure Network Management
-- WAN Perimeter Security
-- Serial and Ethernet Port Security
-- Access Control
-- Network back-up and recovery
-- Legacy non-routable protocol secure transport

Under the initiative, GarrettCom also offers professional services to assist customers in providing comprehensive cyber security solutions.

GarrettCom works with partners to provide complementary framework components such as centrally-deployed Access Management Systems (AMS) and back-up records management. For example, Magnum networking products are cross-tested with AMS tools to authenticate and encrypt data to provide secure connectivity to remote devices such as Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs) and Remote Terminal Units (RTUs), as well as to WANs and the Internet.

GarrettCom's Magnum Security Networking initiative is more fully described in a position paper available at

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GarrettCom, Inc., Fremont, Calif., is an industry leader in providing networking solutions for challenging industrial environments, including manufacturing, power utility substations, telecommunications, oil and gas pipelines, traffic control and video surveillance. The company's products provide a comprehensive industrial network architecture encompassing a switched Ethernet core, distributed edge devices for both Ethernet and Serial protocols, and secured connections to various WAN services. For more information on GarrettCom and its products, visit

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