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Available in IEEE802.15.4-compliant 2.4 GHz or 915 MHz versions, IP-Link 2000 terminals enable integration of ZigBee technology with GPRS/CDMA terminals to provide total wide-and-local transmission range M2M wireless solution. Products simplify wireless networking and function in RS232/RS485 transparent serial modes that seamlessly route serial data up to 38.4 Kbps over mesh or multi-hop wireless network.

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Helicomm Announces Industry's Most Innovative ZigBee-Ready Terminals

Highly-Integrated IP-Link 2000 M2M Terminals Enable Integration of ZigBee Technology with GPRS/CDMA

Carlsbad, Calif. - Helicomm, a leading wireless networking solutions provider, today released the industry's most innovative ZigBee-Ready M2M Network Terminals (IP-Link 2000). Helicomm's compact and flexible IP-Link 2000 Terminals provide an integrated wireless solution that enables manufactures and integrators to accelerate product development and simplify wireless networking.

IP-Link 2000 Terminals come in IEEE802.15.4-compliant 2.4GHz or 915MHz versions to operate in global or regional ISM bands. The ZigBee-Ready IP-Link 2000 Terminals function in the innovative RS232 / RS485 transparent serial modes that can seamlessly route serial data up to 38.4Kbps over a mesh or multi-hop wireless network.

IP-Link 2000 Terminals are best suited for low-data-rate, short-range applications, and are ideal solutions for serial data acquisition, remote monitoring and control. In addition to short-range wireless networking, the IP-Link 2000 Terminals can be connected to GPRS/CDMA terminal family to provide a total wide-and-local transmission range M2M wireless solution.

"We are pleased to provide companies with the most innovative ZigBee-Ready Terminals available in the industry, said Helicomm president, Jack Sun. "IP-Link 2000 Terminals will serve the market demand on low cost and low power wireless networks and enable OEMs to quickly integrate ZigBee technology into their monitoring and control applications," he added.

"The innovative IP-Link 2000 Terminals for wireless mesh RS232 / RS485 communications are currently being evaluated by some of our key customers in Asia," said Michael Li, president of WirelessPlug. "We look forward to bringing other innovative and integrated solutions to the wireless market" he added.

From wireless product development to networking protocol design, Helicomm offers one-stop-shop to help companies integrate ZigBee/IEEE 802.15.4 and get to market fast. For technical details and complete datasheet of IP-Link 2000, please visit

About Helicomm (

Based in Carlsbad, CA, with wholly owned subsidiaries in Beijing, China, Taipei, Taiwan, Helicomm provides wireless networking solutions built upon the new ZigBee, IEEE 802.15.4 and IPv6 global standards for reliable, secure, low-power, cost-effective wireless networks. Helicomm's wireless modules, network gateways, networking software and development tools provide customers the quickest and easiest way to integrate wireless networking into their products and systems.

About WirelessPlug (

Based in Taipei, Taiwan WirelessPlug, a Helicomm company, provides an end-to-end GPRS/CDMA M2M application platform. The solutions include a series of intelligent embedded GPRS/CDMA terminals, a Windows-based configuration tool Plugene TM, PlugMaster(TM) server middleware software as well as an API linking the network to applications.

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