Network Security Solution acts as 4-in-one problem solver.

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Sentry Security Platform offers complete network protection and freedom from business interruption with firewall, anti-virus defense, spam blocking, and VPN connectivity. Stand-alone platform delivers perimeter defense at network layer and guards against security threats encountered by SMBs. Spam wall blocks 100% of unwanted mail and provides protection for SMTP and/or POP3 connections. Viruses, worms, and Trojan programs are unable to enter networks in transparent or proxy mode.

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Wiresoft Introduces Sentry Security Platform

Easy, Affordable, Four-in-One Solution for Small and Mid-Sized Businesses

CINCINNATI, April 13 -- Wiresoft Net, Inc. officials today announced a new, easy to use and affordable network security solution aimed at the 20 million U.S. companies in the small to mid-sized business (SMB) segment. The Sentry Security Platform is a four-in-one problem solver, offering complete network protection and freedom from business interruption with a firewall, anti-virus defense, spam blocking and VPN connectivity.

"We have created a breakthrough platform that delivers affordable security solutions to the small business sector," said Wiresoft CEO Tom Schram. "No other product offers a comparable combination of integrated security-threat functions and management services anywhere near our affordable price point."

Wiresoft's stand-alone platform delivers a comprehensive perimeter defense at the network layer. It guards against security threats encountered by small- and medium-sized businesses, providing them with the same level of protection as Fortune 500 industry leaders.

With cost of ownership at $1495 and $1795 for one year and three years, respectively, Sentry's expandable and all-encompassing security product dissolves cost of entry barriers for the SMB marketplace. Like the comprehensive Sentry platform, Wiresoft's pricing structure is all-in-one. There are no hidden costs, such as per-seat-licensing fees or software upgrade charges. Customers pay the same amount regardless of the number of users and all upgrades are included in the subscription fee.

The Sentry system comes with all features and functionality fully enabled and ready to serve. It is easy to install, with the basic set-up taking 15 minutes or less to complete.

Sentry's architecture integrates four core services. The advanced spam wall blocks 100 percent of unwanted mail, and provides protection for SMTP and/or POP3 connections. Viruses, worms and Trojan programs are unable to enter networks in either transparent or proxy mode, ensuring effective protection for various business environments. Wiresoft's self-configuring firewall and the integrated advanced VPN services also make the Sentry a great fit for the SMB office.

"Thirty percent of all businesses in this country were victims of a virus attack last year, and 90 percent of those companies had anti-virus protection in place," said Ovid Stavrica, chief technical officer for Wiresoft. "Network security is a growing and costly business problem, especially for smaller organizations. Until now, many have struggled to manage the security function with combinations of various appliances and software, all of which have the potential to create internal compatibility issues at a high cost."

All Sentry operations are managed by Wiresoft's Automated Network Administrator (ANA), which resides on the company's corporate network and accesses each Sentry via the Internet. ANA uses the secure shell (SSH) protocol to access Sentry units. It provides critical and constant oversight of security operations, serving as the equivalent of a human administrator. ANA continuously monitors the Sentry and ensures uninterrupted business continuity with five key system management functions:

- upgrades Sentry units in various customer environments;
- ensures uninterrupted Anti-Virus protection, monitoring the readiness of relevant scanners and proxy services, and concurrently and automatically updating virus definitions;
- analyzes and evaluates the validity/effectiveness of Sentry configuration settings;
- performs minimal repairs and preventive maintenance, as required; and,
- notifies proper administrators and technical staff when encountering non-resolvable issues.

Wiresoft's hardware platform offers untapped processing and storage capabilities to facilitate future functionality additions. Sentry's expandability enables a product life span that far exceeds that of competitors. Sentry is designed to evolve along with the Internet, and meet emerging customer needs. Company officials say additional products and services will be made available to Sentry customers with no need for hardware modifications.

Wiresoft Sentry Security Platform will be exhibited at Booth 801 at the Interop Las Vegas tradeshow May 2-4, 2006.

Wiresoft Net, Inc. is a leading provider of network security solutions, specifically designed for small- and mid-sized businesses. The company develops and markets products and services that simplify computer networks, dramatically reduce maintenance and software licensing costs, and set new standards for reliability and customer support. Wiresoft Net, Inc. has business operations headquartered in Cincinnati and technology development facilities in Kirkland, Wash.

For more information about Wiresoft Net, Inc. and the Sentry Security Platform, please visit or call 866-333-4567 (toll- free).

CONTACT: Jeff Huggins, APR, +1-513-721-5353 ext. 139, or, or Susan Mills, +1-510-851-1536, or, both for Wiresoft Net, Inc.

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