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Deep Discovery provides large enterprise and government organizations with network-wide visibility, insight, and control needed to reduce risk of and combat advanced persistent threats and targeted attacks. Specialized detection engines identify advanced malware and human attacker activity across all stages of targeted attack sequence, and real-time dashboards provide in-depth analysis and actionable intelligence needed to prevent, discover, and contain attacks against data.

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Trend Micro(TM) Deep Discovery Delivers Breakthrough Protection Against Advanced Persistent Threats and Targeted Attacks

New threat management solution focuses on targeted attack detection and analysis, SIEM integration and other Global 1000 requirements

CUPERTINO, Calif. -- Trend Micro Incorporated (TYO: 4704; TSE: 4704), a global cloud security leader, today announced Deep Discovery, the third generation of Trend Micro's threat management solution. Deep Discovery delivers breakthrough features and performance designed to help large enterprise and government organizations combat advanced persistent threats (APTs) and targeted attacks.

APTs and Targeted Attacks are the New Norm

-- Targeted attacks and APTs are becoming commonplace across a wide range of industries and company sizes requiring organizations of all sizes to take action.
-- Technology trends such as consumerization, virtualization and cloud computing are weakening the role of perimeter security and further opening the network to these attacks.
-- Because standard security defenses cannot detect or prevent these attacks, analysts recommend new proactive measures and specialized technology as part of risk management due diligence.
-- Large enterprise and government organizations are among the most concerned and are demanding specialized threat detection and analysis capabilities to reduce their risk of attack and data loss.

Deep Discovery Combats APTs and Targeted Attacks Trend Micro Deep Discovery provides customers with the network-wide visibility, insight and control needed to reduce the risk of APTs and targeted attacks. Specialized detection engines focus on identifying advanced malware and human attacker activity across all the stages of a targeted attack sequence. Additionally, real-time dashboards provide the in-depth analysis and actionable intelligence needed to prevent, discover, and contain attacks against corporate data.

"Deep Discovery is the result of Trend Micro's thorough investigations of targeted attacks around the world, interviews with major customers, and the participation of a special product advisory board made up of leading G1000 organizations and government agencies," said Steve Quane, chief product officer at Trend Micro. "We used our research and customer feedback to create an innovative solution to effectively combat APTs and targeted attacks."

Meeting the Needs of Large Enterprise and Government Customers Deep Discovery delivers a broad set of features important to any size company, but especially critical to larger organizations wishing to reduce the risk of targeted attack.

Expanded APT and Targeted Attack Detection Deep Discovery focuses on detecting APTs and targeted attacks by identifying malicious content, communications, and behavior indicative of advanced malwareor attacker activity across every stage of the attack sequence. Key functions include:

-- Enhanced Threat Engines and multi-level correlation rules deliver the best detection and minimize false positives
-- Virtual Analyzer uses sandbox simulation to provide additional detection and full forensic analysis of suspect content
-- Smart Protection Network intelligence and dedicated threat researchers provide continually updated detection intelligence and correlation rules to identify attacks

Visibility, Analysis and Action
The new Deep Discovery Management Console provides real-time threat visibility and deep analysis in an intuitive multi-level format that allows security professionals to focus on the real risks, perform deep forensic analysis, and rapidly implement containment and remediation procedures. Key functions include:

-- Threat Analysis Dashboard featuring quick access widgets, in-depth threat profiling, and geo-location of malicious communication.
-- Watch List capability to closely monitor high severity threats and high value assets.
-- Threat Connect portal to provide direct access to Trend Micro intelligence for a specific attack or malware.

SIEM Integration
Deep Discovery is now integrated with leading SIEM platforms to allow SIEM customers to combine Deep Discovery's unique network intelligence with the full range of events collected and analyzed by SIEM.

High Capacity Performance
Deep Discovery features a new high-performance architecture designed to meet the demanding and diverse capacity requirements of large enterprises. The product is available in a full range of hardware, software and virtual formats supporting multi-gigabit corporate backbones down to remote office locations.

Trend Micro Real-Time Threat Management Solutions

Deep Discovery is part of Trend Micro Real-Time Threat Management Solutions designed to offer network-wide visibility and control, actionable threat intelligence, and timely vulnerability protection needed to minimize exposure to advanced threats.

Supporting Quotes

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
"Never before have we experienced such an unequivocal requirement for security oversight of our critical infrastructure in the healthcare industry," said John Halamka, chief information officer, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. "As the first hospital to certify our EHR applications for Meaningful Use, BIDMC strives to take the best from technology to advance patient care and improve healthcare delivery. Every advancement for Meaningful Use requires a counter balance in security, and we are pleased that Trend Micro is focusing its security innovation to help maintain advancements in patient care and protect our critical infrastructure."

"The possibility of being victim of a targeted attack has become the constant reality for CIOs and CEOs in 2012. IBM's new security division is dedicated to ensuring and maintaining the security of our clients, and Trend Micro's efforts to integrate with QRadar adds even greater visibility for our clients into the threats and importantly, into the behavior of APT attackers," said Michael Loria, vice president of Business and Channels Development for IBM's Security Systems Division.

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Deep Discovery general availability expected in Q2.

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