Network Management System features cloud-based framework.

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Offering intuitive centralized configuration, monitoring, and reporting, CloudBlanket NMS manages Channel Blanket Wi-Fi technology. Real-time dashboard provides updates on network status and health as well as performance parameters, enabling Wi-Fi deployments to be monitored for smooth and uninterrupted operation. For security, system offers SSL-based client/server and server/switch sessions, encrypted user login authentication, and complete infrastructure separation per customer instance.

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Extricom Introduces the CloudBlanket Network Management System for Its Leading High Density Wireless LAN Solutions

NEW YORK -- Extricom Ltd., an industry leader in the provision of high density Wi-Fi coverage, announces the new CloudBlanket NMS solution: the integration of a cloud-based framework for the management of Extricom's state-of-the-art Channel Blanket Wi-Fi technology. This marks the next step in the provision of comprehensive accessible and reliable wireless LAN solutions to fit a range of network deployment needs. With its powerful yet simple centralized network management, the CloudBlanket NMS offers a straightforward and intuitive centralized configuration, monitoring and reporting system. Now enjoying Extricom's wire-like reliability, high throughput, and unparalleled noise immunity wireless LAN solutions is just an internet connection away.

Why should businesses settle for less than excellent Wi-Fi coverage? How can large-scale venues enjoy real-time performance monitoring as well as extensive offline reporting and analytics with a friendly web-based user interface? The Extricom CloudBlanket NMS takes advantage of the latest cloud web-based technologies to provide a large range of customers with reliable network management tailored to customer requirements and to changing user demands: for small single sites the Extricom solution offers low installation and maintenance costs, as well as full flexibility, scalability and pay-as-you-go pricing, while for large multiple sites with thousands of access points and switches, the CloudBlanket allows for the efficient management of large wireless LAN networks using hierarchies for sites and groups, making it possible to perform bulk operations on multiple entities including the application of standard configurations, monitoring, reporting and analytics. With a real-time dashboard providing updates on network status and health and real-time performance parameters Wi-Fi deployments can be easily monitored for verifying smooth and uninterrupted operation.

The Extricom CloudBlanket NMS is about versatility and adaptability. Requiring only internet connectivity and with no need for local hardware, the intuitive and simple user interface can be easily accessed from desktops, laptops and even tablets. And by reducing costs incurred in installing, maintaining and managing hardware infrastructure, the Extricom solution provides customers with possibilities for off-site management with anywhere, anytime access. Yet convenience does not come at the expense of security: the CloudBlanket is ensured with a range of features including SSL-based client/server and server/switch sessions, encrypted user login authentication, complete infrastructure separation per customer instance, and strict enforcement of user privileges. "The integration of cloud-based network management to create the Extricom CloudBlanket truly showcases the superior performance of our state of the art Channel Blanket technology," says Extricom's CEO and founder Gideon Rottem. "This product marks the next step in providing our rapidly growing customer base with a cost effective, flexible and reliable monitoring and control solution."

About Extricom:

Extricom Ltd. is a provider of next generation enterprise wireless LAN solutions, based on its Channel Blanket(TM) technology architecture. The Channel Blanket architecture provides wire-like reliability, high throughput, seamless mobility, unparalleled noise immunity, and is easy to install and maintain. In an era of intensive wireless usage powered by the market explosion of smart phones, iPads, iPods, tablets and other communication devices, voice, data, video, and location services are delivered with an always-on, robust and mobile Wi-Fi connection to any client, in any environment. Extricom Interference-Free(TM) WLAN is purpose-built to slash wireless complexity and future-proof your network for tomorrow's multi-service demands. Extricom solutions are in use by customers operating in numerous industries worldwide, including Education, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Logistics and Warehousing, Retail and public venues. They have discovered the uncompromising performance, reliability and ease of ownership that are the hallmark of the Extricom WLAN. Extricom serves its growing global customer base through offices in the USA, Europe and Japan, and by working with a global network of distributors and partners. For more information, visit us at

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