Network Management Software provides micro and macro performance views.

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Combining monitoring with in-depth, real-time analysis, OptiView Management Suite provides complete network view for performance management. Components include discovery and analysis tool; software for monitoring, long term trending, and Web-based reporting; as well as software for viewing flow from routers to various sites. Also included, NetAlly Application Advisor provides remote views from end-user perspective. Macro and micro views are fully supported.

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Fluke Networks' OptiView Management Suite Provides Complete Picture for Monitoring, Analysis and Troubleshooting

By delivering macro to micro views, new solution makes network engineers' daily workflow more efficient

EVERETT, Wash. -- Fluke Networks today announced its OptiView Management Suite, the industry's only solution for network engineers and managers that provides a complete network view by combining monitoring with in-depth, real-time analysis to manage performance and troubleshoot problems. This powerful solution allows network professionals to improve their daily monitoring, analysis and troubleshooting workflow with powerful, intuitive-to-use solutions, all from one vendor.

OptiView Management Suite combines a series of best of breed solutions from Fluke Networks. Providing the macro views of key devices, links and applications are the OptiView Management Appliance, a powerful discovery and analysis tool, OptiView Reporter, software for monitoring, long term trending and web based reporting, and OptiView NetFlow Tracker, software for viewing flow from routers to various sites. For remote views from the end users' perspective, the Suite employs NetAlly Application Advisor. For "on-the-wire" or micro views, ClearSight Analyzer and Network Time Machine let users look into packets and perform in depth analysis. For views from anywhere on the network, wired or wireless, the portable OptiView Portable Network Analyzer can be taken to the point of test. The combination of these views in one solution ensure network professionals get the complete picture to find root cause of problems faster, and to optimize network performance.

"A key component of OptiView Management Suite is its ability to customize the offer according to a network engineer's daily workflow: monitor, analyze, troubleshoot," said Gary Ger, Vice President of Marketing, Fluke Networks. "Each day, engineers want to monitor the status of their network and key devices and conduct daily proactive management and reporting tasks. If problems are identified, the network engineer transitions into analysis mode: isolating and resolving problems, first from their desk, then, if the problem still isn't resolved, troubleshooting from wherever on the network makes the most sense. OptiView Management Suite is the only solution available that has all the tools to support this workflow in a single solution."

The OptiView Management Suite components include:
-- OptiView Management Appliance with OptiView Reporter: Network and application monitoring, trending and reporting
-- NetAlly Application Advisor: Active application analysis, monitoring and troubleshooting end-user experience from multiple sites and VLANs
-- OptiView NetFlow: Enterprise-wide monitoring of NetFlow and IPFIX data for application visibility and troubleshooting
-- Network Time Machine: Monitoring and analysis of critical links and applications with back-in-time forensics
-- ClearSight Analyzer: Application-centric packet analysis and troubleshooting
-- OptiView Portable Network Analyzer: Portable network and application troubleshooting and analysis anywhere on the network

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Fluke Networks provides innovative solutions for the installation and certification, testing, monitoring and analysis of copper, fiber and wireless networks used by enterprises and telecommunications carriers. The company's comprehensive line of solutions provide network installers, owners, and maintainers with superior vision, combining speed, accuracy and ease of use to optimize network performance. Headquartered in Everett, Washington, the company distributes its products in more than 50 countries. More information can be found by visiting Fluke Networks' Web site at or by calling (800) 283-5853.

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