Network I/O works in motion control applications.

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High-Speed Counter, Single-Axis Positioning, and 32 point I/O units work with company's GLC and LogiTouch controllers and Flex Network system. High speed counter accepts inputs from rotary encoders using either open collector or line driver connections. Positioning unit provides CW or CCW pulse output for servo or stepping motors. I/O units include 32 point input, 16 point input/16 point output, and 16 point input sink/source and 16 point output source modules.

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New Pro-Face Brand Graphic Logic Controller Flex Network I/O Units Announced by Xycom Automation

Saline, MI - June 11, 2002 - Xycom Automation, Inc., a subsidiary of Pro-face America, Inc. and a market leader in Industrial PCs, announces the addition of several new I/O products for the Graphic Logic Controller (GLC) and LogiTouch families of controllers. New modules include a High-Speed Counter Unit, a Single-Axis Positioning Unit, and three 32 point, 24VDC I/O modules.

Two of these new models, the High-Speed Counter Unit and the Single-Axis Positioning Unit allow the GLC and LogiTouch to be used in motion control applications. Both modules are easily connected to the GLC's distributed I/O Flex Network system. The Flex Network is an easy-to-use high performance distributed I/O system that allows a GLC or LogiTouch unit to control I/O points up to 12Mbps at up to 200-meter distance for maximum of 63 nodes and 1008 points.

High-Speed Counter Unit
The High-Speed Counter Unit connects to the GLC and LogiTouch families of controllers via the Flex Network interface. It can be used in three different ways, as a Linear Counter, Ring Counter or Frequency counter.

The High-Speed Counter Unit can have inputs from rotary encoders using either open collector or line driver connections, and can be used in the following four operation modes:

MODE1 - DC input/16-bit up counter, 2 channels
MODE2 - DC input/32-bit up counter, 1 channel
MODE3 - Differential input, 2-phase line input/32-bit up/down counter, 1 channel
MODE4 - DC input/32-bit up/down counter

Single-Axis Positioning Unit
The Single-Axis Positioning Unit can connect to the GLC and LogiTouch families of controllers via the Flex Network interface. It can be used as a pulse output-type driver for a servo or stepping motor, and allows the GLC to perform as a single axis positioning controller.

This module is capable of up to 90 points of positioning memory (ABS/INC) and can use CW or CCW pulse output. Output frequency ranges are 0 to 250Kpps, 0 to 500Kpps, 0 to 1Mpps, and 0 to 2Mpps. The maximum output pulses are 32 bit, allowing a range of +/- 2,147,483,648 pulses.

An optional Single-Axis Positioning Unit Teaching Loader is also available to configure the Single-Axis Positioning Unit. This loader is used to program the Single-Axis Positioning Unit with mode selection, position display, program data input and other functions.

Other new additions to the Flex Network I/O line are three 32-point 24 VDC modules including a 32 point input module, a 16 point input sink/source - 16 point output sink module, and a 16 point input sink/source - 16 point output source module. These 32-point modules provide higher density at a lower cost point than the existing 8 or 16 point modules.

Product Name
Flex Network Single-Axis Positioning Unit
Flex Network Single-Axis Positioning Teaching Loader
Flex Network High-Speed Counter Unit
Flex Network I/O 32-point, sink/source input
Flex Network I/O 16-point sink/source input, 16-point source output
Flex Network I/O 16-point sink/source input, 16-point sink output

Xycom Automation is a leading global supplier of innovative industrial automation solutions. Principal products include PC-based, open architecture visualization and control offerings. Xycom products serve industrial, automotive, aerospace, packaging, plastics, textile, and other markets, with hardware and software installed in over 200,000 factory-floor systems worldwide.

Xycom Automation is a wholly owned subsidiary of Pro-face America, Inc., and provides marketing and sales for all Pro-face products in North, Central, and South America, and all Xycom products worldwide. Headquartered in Saline, Michigan, Xycom has employees and representatives around the world.

Founded in January 1999, Pro-face America, Inc. is a majority-owned subsidiary of Digital Electronics Corporation based in Osaka, Japan. Pro-face America, the North American headquarters of Digital, is located in Glendale Heights, IL.

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