Network Design Software offers what-if scenario modeling.

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Part of One Marketplace™ connectivity platform, Network Builder enables customers to design Wide Area Networks with point-and-click ease. Users can design purpose-built networks for applications such as voice, video, cloud, storage, and point of sale, with real-time what-if scenario modeling for optimal network designs. Service attributes modeled in initial release include network cost, service technologies, latency, contract term, and preferred interconnection points.

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Global Capacity Launches Next-Generation Application for Network Connectivity

Global Capacity’s One MarketplaceTM Delivers the Industry’s Most Powerful Network Design Application

Chicago, IL, USA – Global Capacity, the leading connectivity as a service company, today announces the general availability of Network Builder, the newest application of Global Capacity’s award-winning One MarketplaceTM connectivity platform.  One Marketplace Network Builder empowers customers to quickly design wide area networks (WANs) with point-and-click ease, all from one view with more intelligence and less risk.

With Network Builder, business customers, carriers and partners gain the most efficient, cost- effective way to design and buy data network connectivity.  Customers can now design purpose-built networks for applications such as voice, video, cloud, storage and point of sale, with real-time “what if” scenario modeling for optimal network designs.  Service attributes modeled in the initial release include network cost, service technologies, latency, contract term and preferred interconnection points.

Under the Right to Use license granted to all Global Capacity connectivity customers, Network Builder delivers the power to simplify the procurement of network in ways not seen since the introduction of the Telecommunications Act of 1996.  Large enterprises with thousands of sites can optimize their networks without time-consuming request for proposal (RFP) processes, and can specifically identify the cost of different options for quality, performance and location.  In the initial launch of Network Builder, customers were able to save tens of thousands of dollars as they added the right data center sites at the right locations to get optimal network performance and price.

“With One Marketplace Network Builder, Global Capacity has delivered on its commitment of Connectivity Made SimpleTM, making technology barriers disappear so anyone can create the network they need,” said Ben Edmond, Chief Revenue Officer of Global Capacity.  “One Marketplace plays a critical role in next-generation WAN delivery by providing the cost- effective, secure and reliable network connectivity that is essential for businesses to connect across the globe.”

Network Builder allows anyone to build enterprise WANs and visually automate complex processes in just a few clicks.  What would have taken weeks to research and design, with Network Builder is reviewed in minutes.  Global Capacity is using an intuitive and powerful front-end framework for faster and easier web development to deliver the new Network Builder user interface (UI) across various devices.  Leveraging the new UI, the application delivers a completely new user experience and a new “what if” toolbar that allows users to filter results and take actions with just a few taps.

Global Capacity is working together with its growing ecosystem of partners to define new and better ways for its more than 20,000 business customers to connect to the One Marketplace platform and simplify connectivity.  One Marketplace’s direct Ethernet connections can be used to access business applications, cloud platforms, networks, VoIP service providers, data centers, remote offices and the Internet.  One Marketplace provides guaranteed bandwidth and offers connections from 1Mb up to 100Gb, designed and priced with the ability to execute in minutes from nearly any commercial location.

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Global Capacity is the leading connectivity as a service company that improves the efficiency and reduces the cost of data network services globally.  Through its One MarketplaceTM, the company brings together customers and suppliers with an automated platform that provides ubiquitous network solutions that deliver on its brand promise of Connectivity Made SimpleTM.  Global Capacity delivers its innovative solutions to telecommunication carriers, managed service providers, application service providers and enterprise customers globally.  Additional information can be found at or by following Global Capacity on Twitter and LinkedIn.


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