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With ability to synchronize accurate timing sources such as GPS, IRIG time code, and one pulse-per-second, Series 9300 NetClock® precision time server meets DoD mandates including use of encrypted GPS, support for IPv6, and shock and vibration resistance. Network-centric timing appliance can operate as Automated Computer Time Service server and synchronize devices via dial-up modem, IRIG time codes, one pulse-per-second, and precise 10 MHz frequency output.

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Spectracom Introduces New Network-Centric Timing Appliance

New precision time server delivers flexibility while supporting government mandates and directives

ROCHESTER, NEW YORK - Spectracom Corporation announced today the release and availability of its new 9300 Series NetClock® precision time servers for synchronizing military networks. The 9300 Series is a network appliance that meets important mandates and specifications as required by the Department of Defense, including use of encrypted GPS, support for internet protocol version 6, and resistance to shock and vibration.

Synchronization is a vital requirement for military operations. The Department of Defense (DoD) is transforming its capability based on network-centric warfare, envisioned as a global information grid of secure, interconnected, and interoperable networks. Distribution of precise time over today's IP-based networks enables true synchronization of field operations, including centralized command and control systems. Synchronization of network operations is also a critical component to reliability and troubleshooting of network applications. Precise and synchronized time on data logs, discrete clients, and transactions is an imperative in conducting data forensics to support anti-hacking and disaster recovery efforts.

"Spectracom has a long history of providing secure and reliable synchronization solutions for government networks. We understand the importance of meeting military mandates and other requirements to improve the efficiency and security of operations," said Lisa Withers, Spectracom President and Chief Executive Officer. "The latest generation of our proven NetClock platform is the result of our commitment to our military and aerospace partners to support their mission and eliminate the risks associated with scaling their networks to comply."

To ensure reliability, security, and efficiency, the DoD is currently requiring specific features for network timing systems. Newly fielded GPS-based timing systems, for example, must use the Selective-Availability Anti-Spoofing Module (SAASM) as their GPS security architecture to reduce vulnerability to jamming or spoofing. Additionally, all new DoD network devices must support the new version of Internet Protocol, IPv6. IPv6 improves security, mobile communications, quality of service, and network management, while greatly increasing the number of available IP addresses. The 9300 Series supports both of these mandates as well as an emerging requirement known as IPSec. IPSec improves security by authenticating and encrypting each IP packet. The NetClock 9300 is the only device of its kind to support IPSec.

The 9300 Series has wide applicability thanks to its versatility. It can synchronize to a wide variety of accurate timing sources, including GPS, IRIG time code, and one pulse-per-second. The 9300 Series improves the use of Network Time Protocol (NTP), including NTP over IPv6. NTP is currently being deployed throughout military networks as the standard for synchronization. In addition to its capability as an NTP Time Server, the 9300 can operate as an Automated Computer Time Service (ACTS) server and synchronize devices via dial-up modem, IRIG time codes, one pulse-per-second, and a precise 10 MHz frequency output.

Lou Orsini, Spectracom's Director of Engineering, stated, "We understand the failsafe needs of our defense customers. In addition to state of the art security features, the new 9300 series platform delivers this by providing a new ruggedized chassis that has been fully tested to military environmental specifications for shock and vibration common to field operations. It also complies with the RoHS directive as required for all new deployments in the European Union and regulatory standards for FCC, UL, and CE."

"We are pleased to build upon the NetClock legacy by addressing the needs of today's military and the contractors who are trusted to support them," said Al Olderstein, Vice President, Sales and Marketing. "We anticipate the same mission-critical features so important to military applications will benefit other industries as well."

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