Network Access Platform solves quality of service issues.

Press Release Summary:

Designed to deliver voice and video IP network traffic over constrained US military network links, PacketAssure line eases congestion by selectively identifying low-priority traffic for retransmission. Products maintain separation of Ethernet traffic segments to assure information security without VPNs and associated overhead and complexity. Optional legacy circuit interfaces facilitate transition to tactical IP Network-Centric communications.

Original Press Release:

New DoD Network-Centric Network Access Platform Announced by Ultra Electronics-DNE Technologies

Solves Quality of Service Issues in Tactical Networks

Wallingford, CT - Ultra Electronics-DNE Technologies, a provider of tactical voice and data communication solutions, announces the release of its PacketAssure product line, a new series of products designed to deliver voice and video IP network traffic over constrained US military network links as simply and reliably as time-division multiplexers. DNE's PacketAssure line provides superior Quality of Service (QoS) and eases congestion by selectively identifying low-priority traffic for retransmission, allowing the PacketAssure to reliably run time-critical Internet Protocol (IP) traffic over limited bandwidth in support of highspeed IP radios and modems. Legacy circuit interfaces are also offered, enhancing the transition to tactical IP Network-Centric communications by integrating currently deployed equipment, including legacy Type 1
encryption, over emerging IP networks.

DNE's new PacketAssure products support simple and unique QoS policing by applying priorities to various traffic segments, preserving the quality of video and voice communications while supporting the data throughput efficiencies of dynamic packet networks. The PacketAssure line maintains a separation of Ethernet traffic segments to better assure information security without the need for Virtual Private Networks
(VPNs) and their associated overhead and complexity. PacketAssure greatly simplifies configuring IP QoS policies and does not require a detailed understanding of buffer sizing and queue operation.

Ultra Electronics-DNE Technologies' Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Charles Reese, commented, saying, "The PacketAssure provides transition support to the US Military by supporting a variety of traffic services, but in a box that is much simpler to configure and adapt than most IP routers." He added, "Commercial IP-based routers can interface with the PacketAssure to deliver reliable service quality during
congestion periods and improve immunity from information security threats. PacketAssure supports Connection Admission Control (CAC), which enhances IP router operations, protecting time sensitive traffic by selecting lower priority packets for retransmission before they enter the buffering and queuing system."

PacketAssure further enhances the transition to IP Network-Centric communication with optional legacy circuit interfaces. These interfaces encapsulate data into IP packets and then apply a priority to assure reliable operation of circuit devices over the IP network, permitting existing applications to operate using the emerging IP infrastructure.

Ultra Electronics-DNE Technologies' President and CEO, William Gill, Jr., noted, "PacketAssure makes the DoD's vision of Network Centric Warfare a reality. It resolves two important issues that have been plaguing the acceptance of the 'All-IP' network: Type 1 encryption support, and congestion relief in a converged network." He added that its compact size also makes it an attractive addition to tactical networks.
DNE's PacketAssure line is available in two models to support a spoke and hub network topology.

The smaller TL model supports two option slots, which may be configured with a four-port Ethernet or a fourport serial interface, while the larger EX model, supports six option slots, offers redundancy, and can act as a hub for the TL models. Configurations start at under $20,000 and the PacketAssure is patent pending.

About Ultra Electronics-DNE Technologies
For over fifty years, Ultra Electronics-DNE Technologies has provided communications devices to the US Department of Defense, Homeland Security and other government agencies. Ultra Electronics-DNE Technologies manufactures modern networking equipment that economizes bandwidth and extends the drive distances of tactical communications devices. This equipment is used throughout the US Department of Defense (DoD) and other government agencies to support the transition to IP networking, particularly in areas where bandwidth-intense network traffic is restricted by a single satellite or radio signal. DNE manufactures the AN/FCC-100, the TAC Multiservice Access Concentrator series, and a series of NRZ/CDI/FOM converters, including the VersaMux protocol converter/multiplexer. For more information, contact Ultra Electronics-DNE Technologies at 1-800-370-4485 or visit them on the web at

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