NetSuite Partners Introduce New Vertical Versions of NetSuite and Horizontal Extensions to Core NetSuite Functionality

SAN MATEO, Calif., Oct. 24 /PRNewswire/ - NetSuite Inc., a vendor of on-demand, integrated business management application suites that provide Accounting/ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and Ecommerce functionality for small and medium-sized businesses and divisions of large companies, today announced that NetSuite partners and solution providers have introduced, via SuiteBundler, a host of new vertical and micro-vertical solutions spanning markets including Software; Agriculture Equipment Dealerships (please see accompanying press release: "Iron Solutions and NetSuite Collaborate to Develop Industry-Specific Software Solution for Agricultural Equipment Dealerships, Delivered via NetSuite's SuiteBundler"); Seaport Management; Retail (Point of Sale); Franchises for packaging and shipping materials; Electronics Wholesale/Distribution; and Pharmaceutical Distribution. Additionally they are also leveraging SuiteBundler to deliver valuable add-ons to core NetSuite functionality in the areas of Fixed Asset Management, Tax Automation, Human Resource Management and Warranty Management. For more information about this please visit


The introduction of SuiteBundler and its capabilities ushers in a new concept for the rapidly growing Software as a Service (SaaS) market - "Service as Software." Just as SaaS transformed the software business in lowering total costs of ownership and ongoing maintenance, Service as Software will more radically change the face of implementation and value-added services delivery by professional consulting service partners. The introduction of SuiteBundler enables partners to take on this business model transformation and turn their services expertise into repeatable and resellable software solutions, built and delivered on NetSuite as complete SaaS vertical applications to help meet the complex needs of today's mid-sized businesses. Some of the NetSuite partners and solution providers who have embraced the Service as Software revolution include:

In the Agricultural Equipment Dealership Vertical:

IRON Solutions (, the leading source of Equipment Market Intelligence(TM) for agricultural, industrial, and outdoor power equipment OEMs, dealers, finance and agricultural media companies, based in Fenton, Mo., is developing and offering industry-specific software solutions targeting thousands of tractor dealers throughout the country via SuiteBundler. The new solution combines the power of NetSuite's lead-to-quote-to-order management capability with IRON Solutions' gold standard data and family of products including, IRONSearch(TM), IRONClassifieds(TM), IRONQuote(TM), IRONDealer(TM) and IRONMachinebuilder(TM) to deliver a tailored offering for thousands of agricultural equipment dealers for manufacturers such as John Deere and CaseIH.

"We are already seeing tremendous value creation in our alliance with NetSuite," said IRON Solutions CEO Darwin Melnyk. "NetSuite has a full suite of powerful CRM and order management products delivered in a highly reliable, easy to purchase and deploy SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) delivery model. It's an ideal platform for industry specific rich data and vertical applications to grow and flourish."

In the Seaport Management Vertical:

EBS-RAD LLC, a Tampa, Fla.-based software developer and NetSuite Solution Provider has used SuiteBundler to customize and deliver NetSuite as the "i-Seaports(TM) Management" solution for its client, Harbour Mastery, Inc. ( to market worldwide to the seaports and marinas industry.

"Using SuiteBundler allowed us to build a common application on NetSuite, i-Seaports Management, which we expect should be attractive to over 8,500 deep-water seaports and 50,000 marinas around the world. Within NetSuite, we created custom dashboards for traffic management, security monitoring, communications coordination, financial control and ecommerce marketing to be used by seaports, their clients and security agencies around the world," said George Walters, CEO of EBS-RAD. "Of particular importance were the security capabilities we could build in. When the port clicks on the berth number, it can pop open the webcam to monitor the unloading process. All the security aspects of a port can be visually monitored - entrances, warehouses, and critical assets such as oil and gas tanks. Clicking on a trade-partner port can pop-open the Automated Identification System (AIS) tracking ships via GIS for that port. NetSuite had the core global capabilities, including telephony, emailing, multi-language and multi-currency that seaports and their clients need for their operations and management - and SuiteBundler allows us to readily deploy i-Seaports in a repeatable manner to all customers."

In the Franchises for Packaging and Shipping Materials Vertical:

Eco Box (, based in Austin, Texas, is the leading retailer and wholesaler of new and used moving boxes and shipping supplies. By leveraging the scalability and multi-organization capabilities of NetSuite, Eco Box plans to open 250 franchised stores across the U.S. within the next 5 years.

"NetSuite has allowed us to customize the business processes specific to our shipping materials distribution franchise - all written with SuiteScript and SuiteTalk," said Dale Malone, President of Eco Box. "Our industry solution shows when our trucks are going to deliver the boxes. When a sales order is created, it lets the customers know when the truck will be there. Another example is our 'Box Buy' program, which automatically populates the fields of vendor, price, location and the whole process of buying back used boxes. And now, with SuiteBundler, the great part is that any enhancements we make on our forms with SuiteScript and SuiteTalk are readily available to our franchisees. We plan to open 250 franchised stores across the U.S. in the next five years, and NetSuite and SuiteBundler are helping to make that possible."

In the Electronics Wholesale Distribution Vertical:

Into Technology International Limited, based in St Helens, Merseyside (UK), developed Intoscape (, a SuiteBundler solution for companies that manage large numbers of items in Web-based, catalogue and telesales environments, where price and stock movements may be frequent and volatile and daily competitor activity influences published prices.

"What attracted us to use NetSuite SuiteBundler was that it allowed us to integrate everything NetSuite has to offer with our own vertical-industry solution, Intoscape. Now we have the perfect solution for companies managing large catalogues with a small team of personnel. If a wholesale/distributor is procuring combinations of products from a range of suppliers and wants to deliver value and wider choice to customers, while at the same time increasing profits, Intoscape and NetSuite are the perfect combination."

In the Fixed Asset Management Vertical:

Nolan Computers (, a NetSuite Solution Provider based in Vernon Yard, Fleet (UK), SuiteBundled its Fixed Asset solution, which is used by non-U.S. companies for accurately tracking, controlling and depreciating assets.

"It's a significant thing that we're able to deliver our popular Fixed Asset solution as another module within NetSuite," said Tim Nolan, CEO of Nolan Computers. "SuiteBundler makes it extremely nice and slick for us to deliver this to customers, so they can't even tell where NetSuite's functionality ends, and ours begins. We've learned that a smooth installation is the one piece of the jigsaw puzzle that is massively important to make a happy customer."

In the Tax Automation Vertical:

Avalara (, headquartered on Bainbridge Island, Wash., produced AvaTax, a service that provides an automated end-to-end sales tax compliance to over 10,000 users including sales tax calculation, reporting, returns filing and remittances.

"Avalara is focused on making Sales Tax compliance less taxing for our customers. We used the NetSuite's SuiteFlex technology to develop a user friendly, smooth integration with NetSuite. Using SuiteBundler, NetSuite customers can now easily subscribe to the AvaTax service, a fast, easy, accurate and affordable way to manage the sales tax compliance function. AvaTax is offered as a service just like NetSuite, making it a great fit," said Ranjit Mulgaonkar, VP of Business Development, Avalara, Inc. and President of Avalara India.

In the Warranty Management Vertical:

Explore Consulting (, based in Bellevue, Wash., is a NetSuite Solution Provider who has created a warranty management solution for NetSuite. Based on Suitelet technology, the warranty management solution allows companies to collect key product and demographic information from customers and provides real-time data verification and a dynamic interface to enhance the end customer experience and eliminate manual processes.

"Suitelet technology has opened the door for us to build powerful extensions to the NetSuite platform, and SuiteBundler completes the picture by giving us a mechanism to package and distribute the solutions quickly," said Steve Jones, CEO of Explore Consulting. "We're excited about the opportunities that these tools are providing."

In the Pharmaceutical Distribution and HR Verticals:

Epiphany Inc. (, a NetSuite Solution Provider based in Houston, created PedigreeNet, a SuiteBundle allowing pharmaceutical distributors to track the origin of the drugs ordered and add their information to the pedigree when the drug is sold from their location. Tracking pedigrees is a federally mandated requirement and therefore critical for all pharmaceutical distributors. In addition, using NetSuite's SuiteBundler functionality, Epiphany created a human resources (HR) module to allow users to provide job postings, online applicant forms, auto-creation of newly hired employees, benefits tracking, reporting and more.

"The SuiteFlex platform and SuiteBundler capability is a compelling combination - allowing us to provide the flexibility to meet a wide range of customer requirements for both usability and functional needs," said Brenda Brinkley, President of Epiphany Inc. "Further, the fact that NetSuite maintains these customizations and modules for upgrades makes NetSuite a completely new breed of software provider. Our revenues increased by 100 percent between the second and third year of reselling NetSuite."

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