Net2 Integration with Horizon Time & Attendance

Brighton UK 30th November 2007 Paxton Access has announced the integration of Net2, its leading network access control solution, with Horizon, the Time and Attendance solution from Thinking Software. "The depth of integration we are achieving creates a whole new range of applications for Net2", says Adam Stroud, Sales and Marketing Director for Paxton Access. "For instance, Net2 users will be able to ensure their employees comply with the Working Time Directive or use Net2 as the driver for their payroll applications."

The seamless integration of Net2 with Horizon brings together an advanced time and attendance system with the UK's market leading electronic access control solution.

"Net2 has always had a personnel or HR function," explains Adam Stroud, "in the sense that you can use Net2 to check on staff attendance and punctuality. However, seamless integration with Horizon takes the application of access control in the personnel environment to a completely new level.

"For instance you will be able to ensure that people work the correct hours, if necessary barring them out of their working areas to enforce this. That might sound draconian yet in certain occupations - such as radiography - it is critical from a health and safety perspective to ensure that people work their hours correctly."

The second core benefit of integration relates to payroll. Each time a user swipes a Net2 token, the real-time attendance data collected by Net2 will be fed into Horizon, which in turn is integrated with all the leading payroll software packages. As a result Net2 will become a key driver in the accurate calculation of payroll.

Steve Rothkopf, CEO of Thinking Software, believes the Net2/Horizon integration offers enormous potential:

"As well as aiding regulatory compliance and health and safety, the integration of Net2 with Horizon will reduce the cost of administering payroll significantly. With many more people working flexi-time or limited hours the time it takes to calculate hours and wages has inevitably increased. The availability of an automated payroll facility on the back of an existing access control investment should therefore prove very popular with firms of all sizes.

"We are delighted to be working with Paxton Access. Net2 is an extremely flexible access control system that offers easy integration with Horizon products, and Paxton Access have proved very helpful and supportive partners with which to work."

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