Nercon Installs New Powder Coat Finishing System

Oshkosh, Wisconsin - Nercon Eng. & Mfg., Inc., a leading conveyor manufacturer based in Wisconsin, recently installed a new powder coat paint line that includes a 3 stage parts washer, dry-off oven, curing oven and conveying system. An investment of $800,000.00, the system from Nordson and Midwest Finishing offers competitive advantages in equipment finishing quality, assembly efficiencies and reducing time to delivery.

In the process, dry powder is applied electrostatically and is baked-on to create a hard finish that is tougher than convention paint. It includes a 90 second wash stage for exceptional substrate cleaning with a phosphate coating for superior rust protection. The solvent used in conventional paint, is not required. Other advantages are:

· Low volatile organic compounds (VOC)

· Powder coating produces less hazardous waste than conventional paint processes

· Uniform application quality

· Scratch resistant finish

· Resistant to more chemical than traditional equipment paint

· Ready to assemble or ship as soon as it comes off the line

The new powder coat process was showcased and well received at a recent trade show. The line will soon be at full production and all future parts and conveyor components will be powder coated.

Nercon is well known for conveyor equipment design, engineering and manufacturing with the corporate office in Oshkosh, Wisconsin and the fabrication and assembly campus in Oconto, Wisconsin. The company's experts and processes solve automation challenges for manufacturing companies throughout North America.

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Contact: Jessica Jacobson

Nercon Eng. & Mfg., Inc.

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