Neptec Technologies Corp. Adds Haefeli-Lynsar as a Reseller for Its OPAL 2.0 3D Laser Scanners in Western Australia

OTTAWA -- Neptec Technologies Corp., a leading developer of innovative 3D machine vision products, today announced that, due to growing international interest in its breakthrough OPAL 2.0 LiDAR products, Haefeli-Lynsar has been appointed as a reseller for Neptec's family of 3D laser scanners in Western Australia.

OPAL LiDAR scanners are packaged for the punishing conditions typical of off-road vehicles and mapping sensors used in the mining, oil and gas, defense, and construction industries. They incorporate Neptec's patented obscurant-penetrating LiDAR technology to allow the sensor to detect objects even in dusty conditions that render other LiDAR ineffective.

"Haefeli Lynsar has built a solid reputation for outstanding service and support of world-class mapping and survey products from leading companies around the world," said Michael Dunbar, Director of Business Development for Neptec Technologies. "We are looking forward to working with them to continue the rapid growth of our LiDAR business, especially in the mining market."

"We are excited about the opportunities that Neptec's OPAL scanners provide our clients in the mining and the oil and gas industries through their extended range, rugged design, obscurant penetrating and real-time autonomous capabilities," said Dave Evans, General Manager of Haefeli-Lysnar. "Neptec's MILD™ (more information, less data) focus on extracting actionable information from OPAL scanners instead of just providing huge amounts of 3D data addresses one of the main pain-points faced by LiDAR users today."

About Neptec Technologies Corp.

Neptec Technologies Corp. develops innovative 3D machine vision products for machine automation and robotics applications in harsh environments. The company was founded in 2011 to commercialize space-technologies developed by Neptec Design Group Ltd., an award-winning space flight technology company and NASA prime contractor. Our first products are a family of obscurant-penetrating laser scanners (OPAL) and a software development tool kit (3DRi) with advanced features such as automatic change detection and object recognition and tracking. Together, these out-of-the-box "building blocks" make it easy to integrate intelligent real-time machine vision applications on autonomous off-road vehicles, and for more familiar LiDAR-based survey and measurement tasks in harsh environments. The company is located in Kanata, Ontario, Canada. For more information, visit

About Haefeli-Lysnar

For 25 years, Haefeli-Lysnar has been supplying cutting-edge positioning solutions for mining, surveying, engineering, construction and oil gas industry professionals. The company's portfolio integrates advanced positioning solutions such as global positioning systems, optical, laser and inertial technologies with application software and wireless communication and services. Our goal is to enable our customers' success by providing them with state-of-the-art technologies and unparalleled customer care. For more information, visit


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